9 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs of 2022

9 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs of 2022

Recurring affiliate programs are one of the most best part of affiliate marketing.

I’m sure you’re familiar with affiliate marketing.

When someone buys a product through your affiliate link, you get paid, and the commission is very high.

Many affiliate programs pay you recurring commission, and this is one section that allows you to make money on autopilot.

As long as your referred users remain with the company, you will continue to earn money.

Of course, product quality is important because no one would stick with a low-quality product or brand.

This is most likely why businesses that believe in their product offer recurring commissions.

I’m not claiming that recurring income is better than single affiliate payout; each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

For your convenience, I’ll clarify affiliate programs with recurring commission in simple terms.

In the world of digital marketing it is a best opportunity for us to creative passive income with these referral program.

What exactly are affiliate programs with recurring commissions?

best recurring income affiliate programs

Recurring affiliate programs pay you commissions for as long as your referrals make payments.

Also allow you to earn commission on every purchase made by one of your referrals, not just their first.

So, you will earn money as long as your referrals remain paying customers.

The big difference between promoting a normal affiliate program and recurring commission affiliate program is that you will receive residual income.

Let us now look at the top affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions.


ClickFunnels is one of the most popular and fastest-growing (SAAS) companies in the market.

It is a cloud-based lead generation platform that enables eCommerce, consulting, and other businesses of all sizes to automate email and Facebook marketing processes and convert visitors into customers.

Professionals can use the built-in templates to create custom landing pages or funnels to attract customers.

To reconnect with visitors, ClickFunnels allows teams to capture customer contact information and send targeted follow-up messages via text or desktop notifications.

clickfunnels affiliate program

Their affiliate program pays recurring commission.

You will receive up to 40% recurring commission per month and yes, that’s per user with the software.

They now have 2 different affiliate tiers.

When you first join the affiliate program, you cannot directly promote the ClickFunnels 14-day free trial.

Only books and the One Funnel Away Challenge are eligible for promotion.

However, there are a couple of indirect ways to promote ClickFunnels.

The first method is to include a small badge at the bottom of any sales funnels you create.

If someone clicks on that badge and buys something, you get the sale.

The second method is to use share funnels.

Essentially, each funnel you build in your account has its own share funnel URL, which you can share with others.

If they aren’t a clickfunnels customers, the funnel will ask them to sign up for a 14-day trial account with ClickFunnels.

You get the affiliate commission if they continue on as a paying member.

This is a huge secret to becoming a successful ClickFunnels affiliate.

Any sales you make using these two methods will earn you a 20% recurring commission.

To be eligible to promote the free trial, you must first earn at least $1,000 in affiliate commissions.

Once you reach that level, you can apply, and if approved, you can earn 30% recurring commissions on ClickFunnels sales, as well as 30% commissions on all related products in the ClickFunnels ecosystem, such as Funnel Scripts.

The One Funnel Away Challenge, which offers 100% commissions per sale, is an exception to this rule.

That means you’ll get $100 for a $100 product!

Benefits of Clickfunnels affiliate program

If you can get 40 or more active ClickFunnels referrals, you’ll be eligible for 40% recurring commissions.

Clickfunnels uses a sticky cookie.

This means that once a customer clicks on your link, they will have your sticky cookie and you will receive commissions on ALL products they purchase through any funnel they may go through.

Not only that, but ClickFunnels offers one of the coolest bonus prizes: paying you to lease your own dream car.

If you sign up 100 paying ClickFunnels customers, they will contribute $500 per month to the lease of your dream car.

They’ll pay you $1000 per month if you get 200 signups.

It is one of my favorite recurring affiliate programs.

Get Response

GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform that includes, in addition to email marketing, landing pages, a CRM, and advanced automations.

Their entry plan is reasonably priced, and they provide a generous discount to non-profit organisations.

GetResponse’s affiliate program is a great opportunity for bloggers, ecommerce vendors, and small businesses to earn extra money by recommending one of the fastest-growing email marketing solutions on the market.

GetResponse’s package includes the following features:

  • On paying accounts, you’ll get a 33 percent recurring commission or $100.
  • Affiliate commissions for all sign-ups are unlimited.
  • The cookie duration is 120 days. You get the commission if they convert within four months.

To begin, you have the option of joining one of two affiliate programs.

getresponse affiliate program

The “bounty” program is a fast way to get paid (for each customer who signs up for a paid account, you’ll receive $100).

The “recurring” service, on the other hand, pays you 33% of every sale you refer to them — ideal for a long-term revenue stream and the only affiliate program that does so!

They’ll send you a personalised affiliate connection to include in any copy or photos you use to promote GetResponse so we can track and visitor back to you.

If someone clicks on the link, the GetResponse function uses a cookie to track the clicks, making it easier to track which links are working best and how many refers you have submitted.

When you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll gain access to a variety of free promotional materials such as videos, banners, and sales copy to help you persuade visitors to check out GetResponse.

The best thing about GetResponse’s affiliate program is that the platform itself provides an all-in-one solution that is both robust and cost-effective.

As a result, promoting GetResponse to your audience is simple and can provide you with a nice passive income stream.

In the affiliate dashboard, you can also track your statistics to see how much you’ve earned and how many customers you’ve referred.


Aweber is an email marketing app that allows you to do the following:

  • make a mailing list and collect data for it
  • create newsletters that can be sent to your list’s subscribers
  • Use ‘autoresponders’ to automate your email marketing.
  • view and analyse statistics for your email marketing campaigns

AWeber has a program called Advocates.

It’s similar to an affiliate program in that you can earn money by teaching small business owners and content creators how to use AWeber.

Email marketing can be a highly profitable source of income for you.

And AWeber’s Advocate Program is a great option, whether you are a beginner or already successful in affiliate marketing.

aweber affiliate

What you should know about becoming an AWeber advocate is as follows:

  • After they sign up for AWeber Pro, you will receive recurring referral commission of 30% for the life of the account.
  • Signing up is absolutely free.
  • PayPal is used to send payments.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated advocate manager.
  • AWeber provides a lot of information training and resources to assist you in increasing your revenue.

If you love AWeber and want to earn affiliate revenue, AWeber Advocate program is a great place to start.

Sign up for a free advocate account by clicking the button below, and start earning money when your referrals become AWeber Pro customers.


Teachable is a robust platform for developing online courses.

It enables course creators to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling their courses.

Referring customers earns you recurring commissions as a Teachable affiliate.

The best part is that you can earn money on a regular basis.

That means you’ll get paid until your referral’s subscription expires.

Teachable affiliates can be webmasters, bloggers, social media influencers, Vloggers, marketers, or anyone.

The review process could take up to 7 days.

Once your account has been approved, you can begin promoting using your referral link.

To attract customers, you can either write a blog post, create a video, or share it on social media.

The cookie is set for 90 days after the user clicks on the referral link.

So, if the same user signs up within 90 days, your commission will be credited.

teachable affiliate program

Affiliates can earn a lifetime commission of 50%.

You can refer as many customers as you can.

When you refer someone, you begin earning commissions until the customer renews.

PayPal is the payment method.

The minimum threshold is $50.

If you haven’t reached the threshold payout, your earnings will be rolled over to the following month.

Teachable Affiliate Program’s Strongest Points are Payments are made on time and affiliates can use a real-time reporting system to track visits, clicks, conversions, and revenue.


ConvertKit is a relatively new email marketing software that is extremely simple to use, making it an excellent choice for new bloggers.

It includes a visual automation builder that allows users to see all of their workflows in context.

It comes with opt-in forms and landing pages in addition to email automation.

Opt-in forms can be easily added to WordPress sites using ConvertKit WordPress plugin.

Even if you are not a ConvertKit user, you can promote the ConvertKit affiliate program.

All you have to do is sign up on their ambassador page and you can start promoting ConvertKit right away.

best recurring affiliate programs

ConvertKit pay a high monthly recurring commission of 30%.

Their cheapest plan costs $29/month, and that’s the plan most starting bloggers start with.

You will receive $8.70 per month if someone purchases this plan through your link.

This may not appear to be much, but keep in mind that it is recurring as long as the person continues to pay for their accounts.

ConvertKit allows you to promote their email marketing software in addition to their email marketing software.

You could, for example, promote ‘Creator Pass.’

The Creator Pass gives you access to two courses that teach you how to build an online business and grow your email list.

Creator Pass is a one-time payment of $199 or $299, and you receive a 30 percent commission rate from it as well, but this is not recurring.

Affiliates can be paid through PayPal.

ConvertKit pays commissions on the second of every month.

Because there is a minimum 30-day delay before your commission is approved (to account for any refunds), your commission could be pending for up to 60 days.

In general, if you earn a commission at the beginning of the month, you will have to wait longer to receive it.

Unlike most affiliate programs, ConvertKit does not require you to meet any minimum threshold in order to receive your commission.

Even if you only earn one commission per month, you will be paid.


Leadpages is a popular landing page builder.

They specialise in templates, popup boxes, social media ad creation, checkouts, and a variety of other services.

The templates are completely compatible with all devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

The Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program enables Leadpages affiliates to market and profit from the company’s top lead generation tools.

Over 50,000 Affiliate marketers have used Leadpages to increase their leads and sales while also improving their businesses.

It is completely free to join the Leadpages partner program.

recurring commission affiliate programs

You will get 50% recurring commission for the lifetime.

That means you’ll get a 50% recurring commission on all sales made through your affiliate link for the life of the customer.

It is one of the leading recurring affiliate programs in the industry.

The banner is the one big reason I liked it the most.

You can access hundreds of banners in various sizes from the Affiliate login panel.

With a single click, you can choose any to put on the website.

You will be paid after a 30-day period (just in case your referral decides to cancel the plan), which includes a 14-day trial period.

Payment methods include Paypal, bank transfer, and wire transfer, and you will earn as long as your referrals are active customers.


ClickMagick is a tool that allows marketers to track and optimise their online marketing like a pro.

Because ClickMagick has a high customer retention rate, you can earn significant recurring commissions for the life of a customer account in most cases.

Your referred customers’ average lifetime value will continue to rise over time.

clickmagick affiliate

You will get 35% recurring commission on each sale.

ClickMagick pays out commissions daily via PayPal MassPay with a 14-day lag time to account for refunds and a $50 minimum payout.

Unless you are a high-volume “super affiliate,” ClickMagick does not offer any other payment methods.

If you are, however, a high-volume “super affiliate,” they will invite you to discuss other arrangements.

Join there affiliate program


Kartra is an all-in-one platform with incredible features designed specifically for marketing your small to large business.

It accomplishes all of these tasks while bringing them all together in a single account.

kartra affiliate

Kartra pays out 40% recurring commission on all of their plans, both monthly and annual, giving you the opportunity to earn a reasonable commission per sign-up as well as 10% as a 2nd tier JV partner, and there is no limit, you can refer an unlimited number of people to Kartra and receive commission from each.

It might take a while to pay a newbie.

This is due to the fact that new customers can receive up to 14-30 days of free trial time, followed by a 30-day refund period.

However, if the referred customers stay with Kartra – and most of them will because the platform is so amazing – you will be paid on time every month.

Join Kartra affiliate program


Ontraport is a one-stop shop for all of your business requirements.

Business, sales, marketing, publishing, and organisation are all managed by their software.

With the Ontraport affiliate program, one can earn a recurring income.

You will receive immediate approval and do not have to wait for days for the review process to be completed.

They will send you email with a referral link as well as information links.

You can straightaway promote Ontraport without any delay.

ontraport affiliate

Every sale would result in a 25% recurring commission for the affiliates.

You will continue to receive commission as long as your referred customer remains with Ontraport.

There is no limit to how much money you can make.

The only limit is the sky.

The more customers you refer, the more money you’ll be able to make.

The affiliates get paid on weekly basis but new affiliates are paid on a Net 90 basis.

The minimum winnings are $100. PayPal is the payment method.

Ontraport Affiliate Program’s Best Features

  • A wide range of promotional tools are available (Banners, lightbox, newsletter, trackable link, direct link and content funnels)
  • VIP partners will receive additional benefits. If you refer more than 20 customers per month, you will be eligible for VIP status.
  • Affiliates can use the real-time reporting system to track their clicks, conversions, and revenue.
  • Weekly Payments.

Final Thoughts

Recurring affiliate programs are one of the best ways to create passive income online because you just need to promote the product once to your customer and you can receive lifetime commissions for that one sale.

The key is to find a high quality product that your target audience needs on a daily basis because customers stick to the product or service because of its necessity and problem solving tendency.

With this list, I hope that all you need to do now is set your specific preferences and go over the options listed.

In no time, you’ve compiled a list of the highest-paying best recurring affiliate programs.

Want more? No problem!

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