21 Amazing Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs of 2022

21 Amazing Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs of 2022

There are a number of Pay Per Lead (PPL) affiliate programs available on the web. All you need is a working email address if you want to make some fast cash.

Although each pay per lead affiliate programs has its own set of rules and regulations that must be followed. Small advertisers, ideal associates, and even newbies will profit from these services on a monthly basis.

Table of Contents

  • What is Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs?
  • American Express Canada 
  • Secure 24 Alarm System
  • IQ Option
  • Frontpoint Home Security
  • SOFI (Social Finance)
  • The Motley Fool
  • Kasamba
  • Udacity
  • Personal Capital
  • Zenefits
  • CIT Bank
  • Hiscox
  • Yelp for business
  • Byte 
  • Watch Gang
  • Envato Elements
  • Petplan Pet Insurance
  • Wirenine
  • Sendinblue
  • Fused
  • High low
  • Kabbage
  • Final Thoughts

What is Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs?

First let’s look at the differences between the different forms of affiliate marketing programs and see how pay per lead affiliate programs operate…

  • PPL (Pay Per Lead) – Also known as CPA (cost per action) or PPA (pay per action), this program pays you a commission any time a new lead (contact information) is obtained.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) – When someone clicks on your affiliate link, even if they don’t become a lead or a customer, you get paid.
  • PPA (Pay Per Acquisition) – It is a form of affiliate marketing that has been around for a long time. You get paid commissions on any sale you make as a result of your marketing efforts.

When you are using traditional affiliate marketing, you are compensated for bringing a new paying customer to a brand. But when it comes to pay-per-lead affiliate schemes, you are paid every time you bring in a new lead, regardless of whether they become a customer or not.

Do you see the potential here?

Some pay per lead affiliate services require qualified leads, which means they must complete a specific action in order for you to receive a commission.

This action could consist of any of the following:

  • Subscribing to a mailing list
  • Filling an email address, a phone number, or a zip code
  • Registering for a free trial
  • Making a user account
  • Obtaining a piece of software via download
  • Requesting a demo
  • Organizing a meeting
  • Obtaining a quote

Other businesses will pay you a commission simply for driving traffic to their website.

This model is simple to grasp (though hard to make money). All you need to do is figure out how to spend less money per click than you earn from the company. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to scale it to the moon.

In addition, these companies usually offer a bonus based on the percentage of traffic that converts into qualified leads.

Here are the best affiliate programs that pay per lead that I’ve found so far…

American Express Canada 

pay per lead affiliate programs uk

American Express (or short Amex) together with Visa and MasterCard is one of the three large credit card companies. Visitors to your Canadian site can benefit from the usual benefits of an American Express user, such as a cashback or a flexible reward card.

They pay $200 per lead to their affiliate. 

However, you will only be paid if your application is approved, not if it is submitted. 

This is clearly in place to keep people from spamming the hell out of this offer, which happens all the time with financial affiliate programs.

This massive financial incentive for affiliates explains their EPC of $644.89 as well.

Commission $200 per lead

Cookie 7 days

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Secure 24 Alarm System 

get paid per lead affiliate program

Secure 24 Alarm Systems is the leading ADT Authorized Dealer in the United States. They install home security systems and also sell and market products that can be monitored by ADT’s elite monitoring service.

ADT, LLC. is the only company in the United States that provides more ADT installations than themselves!

Their extensive training programs enable them to provide highly experienced industry experts and excellent service to their clients.

They pay a generous amount of $200 per lead which is insanely high.

Commission $200

Cookie Unknown

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IQ Option

affiliate programs pay per lead

IQ Option is a reputable binary options broker best known for its user-friendly trading platform.

It is ideal for traders looking for a trustworthy CFD and binary options broker with reasonable fees. The account opening process and customer service are excellent. 

Their amazing platform allows you to make the most money. You just need to concentrate on generating traffic and they’ll take care of the rest.

Commission $1200 per lead

Cookie Unknown

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Frontpoint Home Security

affiliate programs that pay per lead

Frontpoint makes a self-installed security system look as nice as a professionally installed security system.

They offers more equipment choices than most other DIY home security providers, allowing you to secure your home from the inside as well as the outside. That’s a remarkable find in the world of do-it-yourself security systems.

Affiliates will receive a minimum of $175 for every activation! As a result, the Frontpoint home security system affiliate program is one of the most common on the market right now.

Commission $175

Cookie 20 days

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SOFI (Social Finance)

affiliate program pay per lead

SoFi is a personal finance company that offers services such as student loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, savings, and banking online. 

One of the great things about this affiliate program is that it rewards both you and your customers. They will earn a $100 bonus if they buy a product through your referral link. 

This is particularly beneficial because people would be more inclined to use your affiliate link in order to receive the incentive, boosting your popularity. 

Commission $150 per lead

Cookie 30 days

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The Motley Fool

pay per lead companies

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a stock-picking service run by David Gardner, the founder of The Motley Fool.

This is a monthly subscription service that provides you with two stock picks. Each stock recommendation will provide an in-depth analysis of why The Motley Fool chose that stock and why you should invest in it, after which you can invest on your own. 

PartnerCentric manages the Motley Fool Affiliate Program professionally.

Commission $100 per lead

Cookie 30 days

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pay per lead company

Kasamba is a psychic network, which allows individual psychics to communicate with people who are looking for their services more easily.

Only the most skilled and gifted psychics are permitted to work through Kasamba.com since the organization itself qualifies and tests each counselor.

Affiliates get everything that they need to get started right away, including ads, landing pages, exclusive deals, and coupons that have been refined over time.

Commission $150 per lead

Cookie 60 days

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udacity affiliate program

Udacity is a fantastic MOOC site headquartered in Silicon Valley.It comes highly recommended because of its ease of use, in-demand course topics, and career-related tools.

The course collection at Udacity isn’t as diverse as that of edX or Coursera. They do, however, have one of the best tech courses available.

Impact hosts their affiliate program.

Commission $100 per lead

Cookie 30 days

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Personal Capital 

personal capital affiliate program

Personal Capital helps high-net-worth individuals control their personal finances. They have investment services similar to those offered by robo advisors, as well as direct big-picture advice. 

The affiliate program offers a number of creatives, such as banners, to assist beginners in understanding and appreciating the site. Access to SEC-registered advisors is included in the program, enhancing brand trust and service value.

Personal Capital deals and promotions become a lucrative opportunity for loyal, high-performing partners because of the customized experience each customer gets.

Commission $100 per lead

Cookie 60 days

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zenefits affiliate program

Zenefits is an online HR suite that centralizes all employee data in a cloud-based hub.

It increases productivity by automating procedures, reducing repetition, and removing the need for paperwork by linking all HR resources and services to a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

This is an affiliate program for modern advisors.

Commission $25

Cookie 30 days

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CIT Bank

cit bank affiliate program

CIT Bank is a well-known online bank that offers a money market savings account, a checking account, certificates of deposit, and high-yield savings accounts. 

They don’t charge monthly maintenance fees, and many of its interest rates are competitive. However, there is no free ATM network, which is unusual among online banks that offer checking accounts.

Promoting financial deals like CIT will almost certainly require more effort on your side, but the rewards are well worth it.

Commission $100 per lead

Cookie 30 days

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hiscox review

Hiscox specializes in insurance for businesses with less than 10 employees and has an A financial strength rating from AM Best.

General liability, professional liability, mistakes and omissions, cybersecurity, company owners, and workers’ compensation protections are also available via flexible plans.

Their affiliate program is hosted on the popular CJ affiliate network. 

Commission $25 per lead

Cookie 7 days

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Yelp for business

yelp for business reviews

Yelp connects millions of people to great local businesses. It creates reviewer communities in order to capture the true spirit of their neighborhoods.

Its users can post reviews of their products or services using a one to five star rating system on pages dedicated to specific locations, such as restaurants or colleges. 

Businesses may also add promotional offers or update their contact details, hours, and other simple listing information. Users will comment on reviews, schedule activities, and talk about their personal lives in addition to writing them.

Their affiliate program is hosted on Viglink.

Commission $60 per lead

Cookie 7 days

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byte review teeth

Byte provides orthodontist-directed care with invisible aligners to qualifying customers through home-based remote monitoring.

The organization is a proud member of the American Teledentistry Association and a member of the Better Business Bureau, with thousands of 5-star Byte ratings.

Their affiliate program is hosted on shareasale network 

Commission $45 per lead

Cookie 30 days

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Watch Gang 

watch gang review

Matthew Gallagher founded Watch Gang in 2016 as a subscription service. The company based in Los Angeles offers a wide range of lookout brands and styles at 49.99 dollars, 99.99 dollars and 299.99 dollars per month.

Oh, and if you like Rolex watches, they give a chance to win one every week to their customers. 

It’s also a brand-new Rolex, not a pre-owned one.

Watch gang affiliate program pays $25 per lead. 

Commission $27 per lead

Cookie 30 days

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Envato Elements

envato elements review

Envato Elements is a paid service that offers you access to multiple digital products.

The products are available for a number of uses and downloads. It comprises: videos, graphics, templates, WordPress themes, etc.

Envato elements pay a generous commission of $20 to $120 per lead to their affiliates. 

Commission $20-$120 per lead 

Cookie 60 days

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Petplan Pet Insurance 

petplan pet insurance

For cats and dogs, the Petplan provides low-cost health and accident insurance.

While it is not possible to add preventive coverage and routine care, if you are going to have to cancel your travel plans when your pet gets hurt or sick the company will reimburse you for a range of additional emergency services including promotion and rewards for lost pet animals and expenses.

In order to promote this affiliate program, you need to sign up with Pepperjam.

Commission $25 per lead

Cookie 30 days

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WireNine was established in 2004 with the aim of providing high-performance hosting with excellent customer service.

As a result, this host provides a SLA-backed 100% uptime guarantee as well as technical customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

It is headquartered in the United States and has an English-language website, although it serves websites from four separate data centers around the world.

Wirenine affiliate program is the best pay per lead affiliate program. 

Commission $50 – $100 per lead

Cookie 90 days

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sendinblue affiliate program

SendinBlue is a low-cost email marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who want to send and automate email marketing campaigns.

So affiliates who promote Sendinblue will receive 5€ for each new account created and 100€ for each new paying customer through the Sendinblue Affiliate Program.

Commission 5€ – 100€ per lead

Cookie 90 days

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fused affiliate program

Fused Network is a leading provider of web hosting, design, and dedicated solutions for personal and business use.

Its Network’s team is made up of people who are dedicated to excellence. Fused Network was first established in the early years of 2005. 

They launched in January 2006, just in time to set new quality and speed standards for the web hosting industry, after nearly a year of growth.

The business and the packages available on their website were created with long-term sustainability and high quality in mind.

Commission $100 per lead

Cookie Unknown 

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High low

high low review

HighLow is a reputable and licensed broker headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission is in charge of overseeing the industry (ASIC).

They deliver industry-leading payouts as well as a no-deposit, no-sign-up binary options demo account, which is suitable for practicing trading strategies or for beginners. 

With a cutting-edge platform, instant withdrawals, a versatile mobile trading app, and full regulatory compliance, HighLow is an excellent choice of broker for both inexperienced and experienced traders. 

Since Australian regulation is stronger and more dependable than that of some European regulators, HighLow provides excellent customer service and has a high trader satisfaction rate.

Commission $400 per lead

Cookie Unknown

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kabbage affiliate program

For small business lines of credit, Kabbage is the best choice. Low rates and flexible terms are offered on its line of credit loans.

Also borrowers may also use loan calculators and financing comparisons that Kabbage provides.

It is one of the best pay per lead affiliate programs.

Commission $250 per lead

Cookie Unknown

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Final Thoughts

Finally you have covered the best pay per lead affiliate programs that you can join and start making money online. It totally depends on your niche which program you are going to choose and promote. There is a lot of potential in getting paid per lead affiliate programs because you do not have to wait for making that sale like in traditional affiliate marketing systems. You just need to complete the certain action required by the program in order to earn commission.

Want more? No problem!

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