21 Amazing Credit Card Affiliate Program (2022)

21 Amazing Credit Card Affiliate Program (2022)

Credit card affiliate program is a way to earn money by introducing potential customers to credit cards. This is accomplished by allowing advertising on your personal website or running paid ads. 

If you target the right audience, you have the potential to earn a lot of money. 

You don’t have to be in the finance industry to promote them. Most people in all walks of life require a credit card, making it simple to promote credit products to your readership.

Therefore In this post, I am going to share the list of 21 best credit card affiliate programs but before that let’s have a look at a few things that you should do before picking the right credit affiliate program for you.

Few Things To Consider Before You Start:-

High Commission Rate

The first step toward a payout strategy is for every affiliate marketer. If you really want to make a passive income, you must choose credit card companies which offer their affiliates a decent commission. Most affiliates with credit cards offer flat rates per registration, but a few will give you a high sales percentage.

Your target audience will benefit from the offers

Nobody would have known your audience better than you if you’d done your homework. You should have a good understanding of the types of deals that your target demographics would be interested in. When it comes to credit card affiliate programs, each one has its own set of advantages, so make your decision carefully.

Provide Bonuses and Special Benefits

The more benefits you can provide to your audience, the better. The best credit card affiliate program include robust reward features that you can use to entice your readers.

Solves Customers Problem

People use credit cards for very specific reasons. One of the most common reasons is to assist in the improvement of one’s credit score. Choose a credit card affiliate program that addresses common issues and concerns associated with credit card use.

Open Sky Affiliate Program

secured credit card affiliate program

OpenSky is a perfect choice if the consumers are frustrated by their inability to obtain a credit card. There is no credit history requirement for the Secured Visa Credit Card. 

Of course, this is a fantastic bonus that can persuade your followers to take advantage of it, but there is a catch. 

The OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card doesn’t have much in the way of rewards and perks. In certain ways, they approach consumers who are stuck because of their credit history.

For all funded accounts, affiliate marketers can earn a commission.

This credit card affiliate program is available through Commission Soup or Credit.com.

Commission 15%

Cookie 30 days 

Join the program

USAA Affiliate Program

credit card affiliate programs residual income

USAA has provided financial services to both active and retired members of the United States military since 1922. 

There are many more reasons to like USAA’s credit cards, such as the absence of annual fees and the absence of a penalty APR. 

Despite the low commission rates, you get access to a community of over 24 million personnel. There is a lot of money to be made in this program if you use the right strategy.

Commission $25 per lead 

Cookie 30 days

Join the program

American Express Affiliate Program

american express credit card payment

American Express is one of the top three credit card companies that have come to be associated with credit card use over the years.

The company provides portals that allow offline and online businesses to accept payments. The portal is fully functional in over 120 countries and supports 30 different currencies.

The AMEX affiliate program is one of the world’s largest direct credit card affiliate programs. You’ll work directly with the American Express card network to drive individual and merchant signups.

The program is available in the United States and Canada.

Publishers can rely on well-developed resources such as sample code, APIs, and technical support. American Express offers official support 24 hours a day. Customers can be directed to that support so they don’t have to contact you.

Commission  $200 per lead 

Cookie 7 days

Join the program 

Card Ratings Affiliate Program

credit card ratings

CardRatings is a customer resource website that publishes credit card reviews as well as guides and resources to assist visitors in improving their credit scores.

Users can search for the best credit card for them by filtering cards based on criteria such as credit scores. 

The website earns money from affiliate commissions, and it encourages independent affiliates to participate in their affiliate program and share in the profits.

Commission Varies

Cookie Varies

Join the program 

Upgrade Affiliate Program

upgrade credit card reviews

The Upgrade credit card is a unique product on the market. Visitors to your website will apply for a well-known Visa credit card with a credit limit of up to $20,000 and avoid the high interest rates associated with most other cards.

Instead, you’ll pay an interest rate that’s equivalent to that of a personal loan, allowing you to pay off your credit card balance faster.

Their affiliate program is worth entering because of the unique selling points and outstanding commissions.

Commission $60 per lead

Cookie 30 days

Join the program 

Experian Affiliate Program

experian affiliate program

Experian is a 125-year-old business and consumer credit reporting company with approximately 17,000 employees in 37 countries.

This company also offers marketing services and credit education. To promote credit reports and credit scores, Experian collaborates with affiliate marketers.

Experian also offers a free service called Experian Boost, which gives customers credit for paying their phone and utility bills. The Experian Boost can immediately improve FICO scores.

Commission up to 20% 

Cookie 30 days

Join the program

Capital Bank Affiliate Program

capital bank

One of the smartest ways to increase your credit score is to use a secured credit card, such as OpenSky from Capital Bank. In fact, it should be the first step in any credit repair process.

Since so many repair programs advise having a secured card as soon as possible, you can use this affiliate program in conjunction with some of the other options on this list to “double-dip.” 

This significantly increases the profit potential.

Commission $25 per sale

Cookie 30 days

Join the program

Credit Card Broker.com Affiliate Program

credit card broker affiliate program

The software focuses on selling credit card products in a variety of categories and provides business growth and web marketing strategies for both independent partner publishers and advertisers. 

CreditCardBroker.com provides competitive affiliate payouts, outstanding customer service. 

You’ll be able to promote a variety of financial products through this affiliate program, including credit card deals, credit card merchant accounts, credit reports, loans, and more.

This one carries a high commission structure.

Commission Varies 

Cookie Varies

Join the program 

Bankrate Affiliate Program

bankrate credit card affiliate program

The Bankrate credit card network provides website owners with assistance in generating revenue from their Website traffic with credit cards. 

The Bankrate affiliate program would allow you to expand into a variety of new affiliate opportunities, including mortgages, CDs, savings accounts, credit cards, and more. 

They have a CPM (display), CPC, CPA, and CPL affiliate payout structure. The program includes a 40% revenue share with payments made by check or ACH every 30-45 days.

Commission varies 

Cookie varies

Join the program 

Credit Karma Affiliate Program

credit karma affiliate program

Credit Karma is not a financial institution or a credit card company. Rather, this company provides people with the resources they need to find a good credit card match, various loans, and a free credit score. 

Credit Karma has partnered with several well-known credit card companies to help you find the best card for you. 

Now, in terms of the affiliate program, there are numerous advantages. 

You can easily promote Credit Karma to your target audience because it offers so much.

Affiliates are paid $2 for each signup. Now, I know this appears to be a very low number, but keep in mind that you are promoting a free service. 

Because it is free, it is extremely simple to convert. If you can get 25 sign-ups per week, you’ll have an extra $100 in your pocket each month. 

Sure, it’s not a lot, but it’s a simple way to supplement your passive income.

Commission $2 per sign up

Cookie 30 days

Join the program 

Viabuy Affiliate Program


VIABUY’s credit cards are Mastercards designed for people with bad credit. It is easy to promote due to the combination of the selling point and the pain point.

If you sell this to a person, you will receive a €25 commission, which will increase based on your performance. 

Some people frequently receive €50 as a reward for hitting high and performing well. There is no information available about the duration of cookies from their end.

Commission € 25 – € 50 per lead

Cookie Unknown

Join the program 

Scotiabank Affiliate Program


Scotiabank is a premier financial institution in North America and Canada’s most trusted international bank. 

Its affiliates serve nearly 19 million customers in more than 55 countries around the world, employing more than 100,000 people.

For each authorised referral, Scotiabank affiliates will be paid a flat commission of CA$99. 

This translates to around US$70, which is still a good deal for any affiliate program. 

Commission $99 per lead

Cookie 30 days

Join the program 

Avianca Lifemiles Credit Card Affiliate Program

avianca lifemiles

The Avianca LifeMiles credit card targets foreign travellers and digital nomads. If you often fly to South America and want to maximise your air miles, Avianca has one of the best deals on the market.

You get protection against fraudulent charges, coverage for injuries in car accidents, and travel accident insurance with no international transaction fees.

But how will the promotion of its service benefit you? 

Well, you will receive up to $200 per referred sale, making this program very profitable.

Commission $200 per lead

Cookie 30 days

Join the program 

Discover Affiliate Program

discover affiliate program

Discover is best known for its credit card selection and the fact that none of their cards have annual fees.

They do, however, provide a variety of other financial services, including loans, mortgages, and home equity financing.

The Discover credit card affiliate program is a must-join because of the excellent benefits and fast payouts.

Commission $8 per sale 

Cookie 10 days

Join the program

Credit Strong Affiliate Program

credit strong reviews

Credit Strong is a service that assists companies and individuals in raising their credit ratings. The organisation provides a variety of options, and depending on the plan, their bank can provide a loan to customers.

They pays flat, fixed commissions to referrals who sign a contract with Credit Strong. Although the exact commission rates aren’t specified, the amount an affiliate can earn is determined by the product purchased by the referral.

Commission Varies

Cookie 90 days

Join the program 

Luxury Card Affiliate Program

luxury card affiliate program

Luxury Card is a premium card, which is obvious when you first pick it up because it is made of a combination of stainless steel and carbon.

You can also get a 24-karat gold version of it. Your website visitors will receive a premium card with a 2% cashback rate and a 2% redemption rate for air miles, but no blackout dates or seat restrictions.

There is also the added benefit of having access to airport lounges in a variety of locations.

Flexoffers manages the Luxury Card affiliate program. You must first create an account before enrolling in the Luxury Card affiliate program. To apply, you must provide personal and website information.

Commission $405 per sale

Cookie 30 days

Join the program

Petal Affiliate Program

petal credit card

The Petal program has some unique features, such as having a credit card based on credit ratings or a security deposit, as well as a 1.5% cashback bonus.

Petals’ success and popularity is unsurprising given that they offer APRs as low as 12.99 % and charge no credit card fees. You can earn up to $36 per lead.

You can refer a Petal Visa Card to people who have never used a credit card before.

Commission $36 per lead

Cookie Varies

Join the program

Indigo Platinum Mastercard Affiliate Program

indigo platinum mastercard

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a no-brainer to recommend because of the simple signup process and the fact that it is designed to increase credit scores.

People who have been turned down by other credit card companies will apply for Indigo’s MasterCard and will be able to access their accounts from a computer or a mobile device once they receive the card. 

Furthermore, this card is equipped with Chip Card Technology, which protects against fraud.

Commission $35 per lead

Cookie 30 days

Join the program 

Sam’s Club Credit Card Affiliate Program

sam's club credit card payment

Sam’s Club provides members with unique discounts on high-quality goods and services. Customers who use the Sam’s Club Credit Card can receive a $45 statement credit and will earn up to 5% cash back on transactions.

It is the best credit affiliate program with a cookie length of 14 days.

The payout is $36 for each credit card application that is accepted. 

The commission rate is set at 36.00% of the program currency.

Commission 36%

Cookie 14 days

Join the program 

Credit.com Affiliate Program

credit.com affiliate program

Credit.com has partnered with the top credit card companies to provide the most comprehensive solution for affiliate publishers looking to promote credit card deals. 

They claim to have the highest affiliate payouts in the credit card industry, as well as the highest converting credit card affiliate deals, real-time affiliate sales monitoring, and online reporting.

You’ll have access to a range of credit card partner opportunities from companies including American Express, Barclay, Capital One, Chase, Credit One, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa once you join. 

Rewards, Airline Miles, Cash Cards, Rewards Points, Gas Cards, Balance Transfer, Merchandise Cards, Secured Cards, Business Cards, and Student Cards are among the credit cards available. 

It’s a major player in the market, and signing up will allow you to compare deals, payouts, and conversion rates.

Commission Varies

Cookie Varies

Join the program 

Transunion Affiliate Program

transunion affiliate program

TransUnion’s expertise in delivering simple-to-understand credit reports, ratings, analyses, and detailed, unbiased content greatly improves online businesses’ customer experience.

TransUnion’s affiliate network allows partners to provide credit products while also earning commissions on sales made through their referral link. This is accomplished by supporting TransUnion Credit Monitoring Unlimited. 

The software, which is accessible via email, provides affiliates with the required resources, monitoring, innovative, and guidelines to help them launch and maximise their campaigns.

Commission $20 per sale

Cookie 45 days

Join the program

Final Thoughts

You’ve covered the list of best credit card affiliate programs. It’s time to choose a niche to focus on. For people trying to restore their credit scores, you should concentrate on secured credit cards. Credit card education is another niche concept. Credit.com is a website that assists people in making better financial choices. They have high conversion rates and payouts to their affiliates.

Want more? No problem!

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