21 Top Weight Loss Affiliate Programs To Join (2022)

21 Top Weight Loss Affiliate Programs To Join (2022)

The weight loss affiliate programs are one of the most lucrative programs in affiliate marketing and online marketing in general.

Thousands of people around the world are obese and want to lose weight in order to live a healthier and happier life.

If you’re a newbie or a seasoned blogger/content producer with a steady stream of traffic in the health and fitness industry, promoting weight loss deals will pay off handsomely if you choose the right items to promote.

With that in mind, I’m going to share with you the best weight loss affiliate programs you can look into if you want to make more money through affiliate marketing.

Table of Contents

  • Noom
  • Elite Weight Loss
  • Tony Robbins The Path to weight loss
  • Beyond Body
  • Maximum Slim
  • Milk Dust
  • Earth Turns
  • Custom Keto Diet
  • Cinderella Solution
  • Meal Plan Magic
  • Jet Fuel Meals
  • Vitauthority
  • Diet To Go
  • Fitlife Brands
  • Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic
  • Workout Anywhere 
  • Bauer Nutrition 
  • Bistro MD
  • Reshape
  • Keyto
  • Healthy Wage 
  • Is It Worth Your Time To Promote Weight Loss Affiliate Programs?
  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Weight Loss Affiliate Programs?
  • Final Thoughts


weight loss affiliate programs

To help you lose weight, most diets exclude some foods, such as carbs, calories, sugar, or fat. Noom is unique. It’s a weight-loss app that employs a psychological approach to help you improve your eating habits. Noom uses technology to “help you improve not only how you eat, but how you think,” according to its website. 

Examining why you eat what you eat and making improvements isn’t a novel concept. However, the simplicity of an app is crucial in this case. That strategy may explain why Noom has received over 50 million downloads since its release in 2013.

Noom has teamed up with Shareasale to run their affiliate marketing platform strategically.

Commission $15 per sign up 

Cookie 30 days

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Elite Weight Loss

best weight loss affiliate programs

Elite Weight loss is popular for their bee pollen-based weight-loss supplements.

They also offer a variety of other supplements aimed at helping people lose weight or maintain a healthy body chemistry while on a diet.

Elite weight loss offers a generous 25% -35% commission rate for affiliates.

Commission 20% – 35% 


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Tony Robbins The Body You Deserve

highest paying weight loss affiliate programs

You Probably have heard Tony Robbins!

Didn’t you?

He is the top business strategist and well known for his Live seminars, self help books and infomercials. 

Tony Robbins self-help programs focus on improving people’s lives in all areas, from health to wealth, and that includes weight loss.

The Body You Deserve is a huge earner in the weight loss sector in terms of sales per click, and since the package is priced at $249, the 15% commission ends up being a good amount of money. 

Commission 15%

Cookie 45 days

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Beyond Body 

top weight loss affiliate programs

Beyond Body creates a customised book tailored to your health needs based on the health information you provide.

To have the same customised weight loss plans, you’d have to pay a nutritionist and a personal trainer, all of which are not inexpensive.

Making it affordable for those on a budget who want to change their bodies.

They pay generous 40% for each book you referred through your affiliate link. 

Commission 40%


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Maximum Slim

women's weight loss affiliate programs

Maximum Slim is an environmentally conscious company that sells all-natural, legal, and healthy weight-loss and health products.

The company’s mission is to help people lose weight, improve their mood, increase their energy levels, and do a variety of other things. 

Maximum slim affiliate program is hosted on shareasale network. 

They also pay very good commissions to their affiliates.

Commission 40%

Cookie 30 days

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Milk Dust

milk dust protein powder

Milk Dust is a lactation protein powder that helps to improve breast milk production and is one of the few items on the market made specifically for breastfeeding mothers to help with postpartum recovery and weight loss.

It’s made with only the best ingredients to give you the nutrition you need to produce plenty of breast milk.

They have partnered with shareasale affiliate network to host their affiliate program.

Commission 15% 

Cookie 90 days

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Earth Turns

For every aspect of your personal well-being, Earth Turns strives to provide the best natural and chemical-free goods available, along with free and quick delivery and excellent customer service.

They have a range of items aimed at helping people lose weight and remain healthy.

Earth Turns affiliate program is hosted on shareasale network

Commission 10%

Cookie 45 days

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Custom Keto Diet

keto weight loss affiliate program

Millions of people who are trying to lose weight naturally and successfully will benefit from the Custom Keto Diet Program. 

Custom Keto Diet teaches you how to recognise the various types of foods you can consume in order to lose weight and remove fat from stubborn areas of your body.

For each transaction you make for this keto affiliate program, you’ll receive an average of $26.08 in affiliate commission.

Commission 65%

Cookie 60 days

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Cinderella Solution

cinderella solution review

The Cinderella Solution is a weight-loss program for women that promises to help them lose weight in just 28 days. There are several weight-loss programs available; however, these programs typically include more stringent procedures and can take longer to see results.

The Cinderella solution program, on the other hand, is less stressful and straightforward.

Cinderella Solution affiliate program has a 95% commission rate which is really awesome. 

Commission 95%

Cookie 60 days

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Meal Plan Magic 

meal plan magic reviews

Meal Plan Magic is a sophisticated meal-planning program that will help you set dietary goals, develop personalised meal plans, produce shopping lists, and prep information – all while taking into account what you already have in your pantry.

They pay out a whopping 50% commission on their meal planning guides.

SendOwl manages Meal Plan Magic’s affiliate network.

Commission 50%

Cookie 30 days

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Jet Fuel Meals

jet fuel meals

Jet Fuel Meals, a nutritious food delivery service, is taking off.

They’re gaining a lot of traction because they have nutritious meals that are organic, high-quality, and all-natural, as well as the meal delivery convenience we’ve all grown to love (especially for plant-based lovers).

They allows weight loss simple with a variety of tasty meal plans. 

Jet Fuel Meals affiliate program is hosted by Shareasale.

Commission 30%

Cookie 30 days

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Vitauthority is a multi-vitamin company that offers a number of high-quality weight-loss formulations. 

One of the company’s most common products is the fat-burning Melt Weight Loss solution. This supplement aids in the regulation of appetite and the reduction of cravings. 

Vitauthority affiliate program is hosted on shareasale. 

Commission 20%

Cookie 30 days

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Diet To Go

diet to go reviews

Diet-to-Go is a calorie and portion-controlled meal delivery service. They provide freshly cooked meals that have been planned by dietitians and chefs. 

Some meals can be eaten cold, while others need just 2–3 minutes in the microwave to be ready to eat.

There are ways to receive greater commissions and incentives in addition to the standard commission. Many affiliate marketers receive more than $1000 a month as a result of their efforts.

Commission $40 per sale

Cookie 45 days

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Fitlife Brands

fitlife brands

FitLife Brands is a pioneer in sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements, specialising in balanced lean muscle gains.

Their affiliate program is also hosted by shareasale. 

Commission 15%

Cookie 90 days

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Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

okinawa flat belly tonic reviews

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic is a powdered nutritional supplement that promises to help you lose weight by using an ancient Japanese drink recipe that claims to melt body fat and speed up your metabolism.

It is a great product to promote in the weight loss niche. 

Commission 75% 

Cookie 60 days

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Workout Anywhere 

workout anywhere affiliate program

Workout Anywhere is a fitness program that aims to reduce the high cost of gym membership and equipment by providing visitors with the resources they need to workout… wherever they are.

Owing to a lack of free time and money, this segment of the fitness industry is rapidly expanding. Workout Anywhere’s affiliate program and marketing has also helped to boost its success.

The program has a shocking 0% refund rate which is really awesome as an affiliate. 

Commission 30% recurring + 50% on all e-books & training plans.

Cookie Unknown

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Bauer Nutrition 

bauer nutrition

Bauer Nutrition is a trusted brand that sells a variety of products to help people improve their health and fitness.

Its products will help you lose weight while also improving your skin health, digestion, and physical fitness.

Affiliates earn 40% commission on all transactions they refer.

Commission 40%

Cookie Unknown 

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Bistro MD

bistro md reviews

BistroMD is a weight-loss meal delivery service that emphasises healthy eating habits.

Those are developed by doctors and dietitians. 

Specialty plans are also available to meet more complex requirements.

The BistroMD affiliate programme is a fantastic way to work with a leading weight loss meal kit provider in the fitness industry.

Commission $45 per sale

Cookie 45 days

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Reshape was created with women in mind who want to lose weight and get in shape but don’t have enough time to go to the gym. It provides you with recipes and workouts, as well as keeping track of your steps.

They pay $10 per sale referred through your affiliate link. 

Commission $10 per sale

Cookie 30 days

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keyto eats

The famous keto diet gets a new spin with Keyto. 

Keyto takes a fresh look at the famous ketogenic diet. 

Keyto breath sensor breaks down all the complexities into an easy-to-understand Keyto Level with just one breath, so you know exactly where you stand in relation to your weight loss goals.

You can join their affiliate program and earn 10% commission on each sale. 

Commission 10%

Cookie 30 days

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Healthy Wage 

weight loss affiliate programs 2021

HealthyWage is a weight-loss platform that motivates people to reach their health and weight-loss goals. This is accomplished by monetary rewards and cash prizes, as well as social inspiration, constructive peer pressure, and competitions. Individual users or groups of users can participate.

They do not have diet or exercise plans, but participants can do anything they want. It does, however, promote a safe weight loss. It just helps them to lose up to 16.6% of their overall weight as a target for team challenges. Individuals may lose more if they wish, but the amount that counts against the final target is limited.

HealthyWage Affiliate program is also hosted by shareasale. 

Commission $30 – $50

Cookie 30 days

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Is It Worth Your Time to Promote Weight Loss Affiliate Programs?


There are affiliate commissions to help people to lose weight, and always will be.

However, the public perception of the industry of weight loss has changed.

There’s more people being sceptical.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in this market, it is important to position your website correctly. Health and fitness should be focused on rather than just weight loss.

Finding the best weight loss affiliate programs to promote is an important aspect of this approach, which I’ve already delivered.

This market can be segmented in a variety of ways. People can be targeted based on their sex, age, place, work, sexuality, and hobbies. You may also reflect on whether people want to lose weight by exercising, changing their diet, or a mixture of both.

This indicates that this sector has a large number of keywords with low competition and high search volume.

That is why, for a long time, weight loss has been a big affiliate marketing niche.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Weight Loss Affiliate Programs?


  • Big Niche :- Obesity is really a big problem these days. Many people are looking for the solution to this problem. So you can be the solution for them and help them out.
  • Opportunity To Create Confidence :- There is a lot of misinformation out there, so this is an opportunity to create confidence. There are a lot of people who give out completely false facts. There is an opportunity to create confidence if you can provide transparent, accurate, and well-sourced information. Customers who trust you are more likely to buy from you again.
  • Unsaturated :- In the weight loss niche, there are still possibilities to be discovered and profited from.
  • Lots of products to promote :- There are lots of products from which in weight loss niche. You can promote them easily to your target audience


  • Trust Issues :- People are skeptical of “diet plans” and diet pills. Building confidence in this market can take longer than in other markets.
  • Companies with a bad reputation :- There are several companies in the industry that can’t be trusted, particularly when it comes to supplements and pills. Be careful what you associate your name with.

Final Thoughts

Now you have covered lots of weight loss affiliate programs that you can join instantly and start promoting from now. Weight loss is the big niche and lucrative. You can easily convert your traffic into sales with the right strategy in mind.

So keep doing the right work and if you want to know more about how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers than I recommend you should read this book that has helped me a lot and I think you will also benefit from it.

Want more? No problem!

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