27+ Awesome Vegan Affiliate Programs of 2022

27+ Awesome Vegan Affiliate Programs of 2022

You can make a lot of money by promoting vegan affiliate programs.

There are millions of vegans worldwide and that the trend is rising.

That’s why I am sharing the best 27+ vegan affiliate programs with you which would be great for a “green” return so if you are looking for this, check this out…

Immaculate Vegan

vegan affiliate programs

Immaculate Vegan is a lifestyle site and curated shop dedicated to living ethically and beautifully.

They are at the forefront of the vegan fashion and lifestyle movement, attracting consumers with their sophisticated curation of the world’s most desirable vegan fashion, beauty, and homewares.

Commission 10%

Cookie 30 days

Sign up Immaculate Vegan Affiliate Program


high paying vegan affiliate programs

GUNAS was the first 100% vegan handbag brand in the United States. They design high-end, fashion-forward handbags.

In 2015, they took home the Independent Designer Handbag Award for Best Green Handbag. Celebrities and animal rights organisations have praised their packs. Their typical order is $175.

ShareASale hosts their affiliate network. GUNAS offers its affiliates creatives, banner advertising, data feeds, copy content, and an affiliate blog where they can learn about new products and marketing strategies.

Their dedicated partner manager is on hand to provide advice and assistance.

Commission 60 days 

Cookie 10% 

Sign upGUNAS Affiliate Program


best vegan affiliate programs

Vitamix is a blender company founded by the Barnard family in the 1920s. 

Barnard founded the company to assist a friend who was suffering from an illness, and Barnard saw the value of whole-food eating in improving one’s health and well-being. 

Vitamix is well-known for its ability to make smoothies, knead dough, grind grain, make soups, crush ice, and much more.

Their affiliate program is hosted on cj affiliate. You can simply sign up for cj free account and become an affiliate of vitamix. 

All affiliates are required to sell six machines per year.

Commission 15% per sale

Cookie 30 days

Sign up Vitamix Affiliate Program

Vegin Out 

vegan affiliate programs 100

Vegin’ Out is a weekly vegan meal delivery service that serves the Los Angeles area at an affordable price. 

They also have shipping throughout the United States. 

Its nutritious vegan foods consist exclusively of finest organic ingredients, are non-conservatory and contain no MSG.

The affiliate program at Vegin’ Out is run by ShareASale. 

Affiliates have access to a wide range of marketing materials, such as banner advertising and text links, as well as monitoring tools for tracking sales and commissions.

Commission 15% – 20% 

Cookie 15 days

Sign upVegin Out Affiliate Program

Thrive Market 

vegan affiliate programs easy

Thrive Market is on a journey to create healthy living accessible to everyone.

They are well-known online stores that offer organic and healthy food delivery. When you join the Thrive affiliate network, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind opportunity. 

The company operates through its in-house product catalogue and collaborations with major organic food suppliers. 

If they’re vegan, gluten-free, paleo, or following another lifestyle diet, new and current consumers will enjoy their favourite organic offerings at deep discounts, promo deals, and access to the largest inventory.

Thrive market hosted on CJ affiliate platform.

They provide dynamic banners, and private commission and consumer offers to help partners optimize and grow their promotions.

OPMpros.com’s dedicated team will work closely with you to raise monthly commissions through their proven tactics and support.

Commission $5 – $40 per sale

Cookie 14 days

Sign upThrive Market Affiliate Program

The Detox Market 

vegan affiliate programs popular

They claim to be the world’s best green beauty marketplace. They sell premium, organic, vegan skincare, makeup, and cosmetics.

Romain Gaillard created The Detox Market after hearing of the toxicity of the products of personal care from a close friend diagnosed with breast cancer.

He wanted to create a welcoming haven away from the beauty industry’s lack of regulation, as well as a forum for people to have fun, ask questions, and interact with a fantastic new generation of creators.

The Detox Market has been obsessively curating the best of green beauty since 2010, combing through thousands of brands so consumers can feel comfortable and secure in their decisions.

ShareASale hosts the Detox Market affiliate network. They also provide customized ads, accurate tracking and reporting, and regular updates.

Commission 10%

Cookie 30 days

Sign upThe Detox Market Affiliate Program

Ground Based Nutrition 

ground based nutrition

Ground Based Nutrition is the market leader in natural food supplements, and they take pride in using whole food products straight from Mother Earth. 

Customers can select from a variety of Superfood plant-based items. There are also recipes for plant-based protein powder that people can buy. 

They have their own online affiliate program that they run. When anyone buys one of the cutting-edge plant-based performance goods, you’ll get a 10% commission.

You will also receive a dedicated affiliate manager committed to your success.

Commission 10%

Cookie 30 days

Sign upGround Based Nutrition Affiliate Program


vitacost affiliate program

VitaCost is a health and wellness business that offers deep discounts on important vitamins and supplements from some of the world’s most well-known (and lesser-known) brands.

Nearly 40,000 items are available on the web and store, ranging from their own brand to diet products, pet health, personal care, and more. 

They offer a variety of sales and discounts on a daily basis, as well as coupons, a clearance hub, and account-based promotions.

Shoppers can opt for automatic delivery and save 10% on their order. Green cleaning products, superfoods, non-GMO, and gluten-free goods are also available on the web. 

With over 1.7 million active customers and 35,000+ health and wellness goods, the VitaCost affiliate programme gives you access to a fast-growing, high-converting market.

With average order sizes of $75 or more, the VitaCost platform provides 4% commissions through FlexOffers. 

Commission 4%

Cookie 7 days

Sign up –  Vitacost Affiliate Program

Future Kind 

future kind

Future Kind provides a vegan multivitamin that contains three nutrients: B12, Omega-3, and D3 and is manufactured in the United States.

Celebrity cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, registered dietician Whitney English, and professional athlete Natalie Matthews have all endorsed the product. They donate a portion of their income to vegan animal shelters.

The business has teamed up with Refersion to create one of the highest-paying vegan affiliate programs available.

To enter Future Kinds as an affiliate marketer, simply register on Refersion and wait for your account to be accepted.

Future Kind pays 40% commission to all affiliate marketers.

Customers can also get a 10% discount from this vegan multivitamin brand! So not only will promoting this brand win you a lot of money, but you’ll also be helping out your vegan fans by giving them great discounts!

Commission 40%

Cookie 30 days

Sign upFuture Kind Affiliate Program



Nutriciously provides digital goods that are of high quality, well-researched, actionable, and attractively crafted.

At the moment, they’re selling two eBook bundles: a vegan starter kit and a weight-loss kit.

“From A to Vegan: The Complete Starter Kit” is a collection of six eBooks for people who are new to a vegan diet or want to change their current vegan diet.

Their blog is jam-packed with tips on delightful beginner-friendly recipes. They also have free downloads and actionable guides on the vegan lifestyle that are ideal not just for the veg-curious but also for experienced vegans. 

The affiliate program at Nutriciously has three commission tiers :-

  • 50% for 0-4 sales per month
  • 55% for 5-9 sales per month
  • 60% for 10+ sales per month

Cookie 30 days

Sign upNutriciously Affiliate Program

100% Pure 

100 % pure

You don’t have to give up your good looks just because you’ve gone vegan. 

There are several vegan clothing lines available, and now you can use a fully animal-friendly range of cosmetics with 100 percent Pure. 

Natural sources, such as seashells, were used to create the first pigments and dyes. 

Fabric dyed with the dye Tyrian Purple used to be worth its weight in gold. 

Pigments and dyes used in 100% Pure products are also derived from natural sources, especially fruits and vegetables. 

Furthermore, they guarantee that none of the ingredients are derived from animals, and that none of their products are tested on animals. 

So you’ve got a one-of-a-kind, award-winning line of 100 % natural cosmetics to sell to your target audience. 

Affiliates receive up to 8% commission for each sale they refer.

Commission 8%

Cookie 45 days

Sign up – 100% Pure Affiliate Program

Petit Vour

vegan food affiliate program

Petit Vour is a high-end vegan beauty e-boutique for today’s conscious woman.

It provides a vegan makeup package delivery service that is non-toxic. Skincare, cosmetics, hair care, clothing, shoes, lifestyle, and more are all available.

Their typical order is worth $80.

Petit Vour recently became a ShareASale partner to manage their service.

They’re looking for affiliates that share their enthusiasm for cruelty-free cosmetics and lifestyle products. 

Affiliates have access to beautiful graphics as well as software to assist them in getting started.

Commission 15% 

Cookie 30 days

Sign upPetit Vour Affiliate Program

No Meat Athlete 

vegan affiliate programs australia

Matt Frazier is the owner of the No Meat Athlete website. 

TrailRunner, Copyblogger, Shape, and WebMD have all published articles about him.

Which means he’s established a solid reputation, and if you can drive traffic to his website, sales should follow.

He also founded the affiliate program. Recipes, training tips, and advice on living a vegan lifestyle are all available on the website.

Commission 50%

Cookie Unknown 

Sign upNo Meat Athlete Affiliate Program


vegan affiliate programs canada

Corkor specialises in making cork-based eco-friendly goods.

Their vegan leather products are made of natural fibres, are environmentally friendly, water resistant, and abrasion resistant.

Also all of their items, including cork wallets, bags, and accessories, are made by hand.

Their affiliate program is managed by Refersion. 

Referral links are provided by Corkor, and a custom link generator generates links to specific sites.

Commission 10%

Cookie 30 days

Sign upCorkor Affiliate Program

Vessi Footwear 

vegan affiliate programs uk

Vessi Footwear creates 100% waterproof shoes with innovative flash knit technology.

At 5.3 oz, they are the world’s lightest waterproof shoe. 

Their shoes are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and produced in factories that have the least possible environmental effects.

For their affiliate services, Vessi has collaborated with ShareASale. So, if you want to participate in the affiliate program, you must first sign up with them. 

The whole procedure is fairly easy, and you should have no trouble having your account approved.

This software also provides affiliate marketers with a variety of marketing resources. They also provide real-time monitoring tools for tracking commissions and sales. 

Commission 10% 

Cookie 30 days

Sign upVessi Footwear Affiliate Program

RAD Soap Co. 

rad soap co

RAD Soap Co. produces a variety of natural soaps, as well as other personal hygiene and skincare products.

Each bar is guaranteed to be cruelty-free and free of GMOs, so you can rest assured that you’re using a healthier alternative to store-bought soap. 

Eczema sufferers, vegans, and pets all profit from these soaps.

You’ll get 10% of whatever you sell if you plan to promote this program. 

So, based on their conversion rate, I don’t think you’ll have to work too hard to achieve that.

Commission 10%

Cookie 45 days

Sign upRAD Soap Co. Affiliate Program



Zatik offers a variety of non-GMO, organic, and green food, skin, body, and hair care products. 

It’s strange how people are concerned with what they put into their bodies but not about what they put on their skin or hair. 

Even if their personal care products contain chemicals that are potentially harmful. 

As a result, the Zatik line contains no synthetic ingredients of any sort, is alcohol-free, and vegan-friendly.

Any of their products is handcrafted in the United States using ingredients from USDA-certified organic farms. 

Affiliates receive a generous 15% commission fee, and their affiliate program is hosted on Shareasale.

In fact they claim to have an 8% conversion rate, which means that your traffic can turn into sales fairly quickly.

Commission 15%

Cookie 15 days

Sign upZatik Affiliate Program

Green Chef 

green chef affiliate program

Green Chef is a subscription-based meal kit service. 

The meals are for people who care about what they eat but don’t have time to go grocery shopping and plan meals on a regular basis.

The EPC for this affiliate programme is $226, which is significantly higher than the average for any subscription box service. 

Instead of a percentage commission on the total order, you are only paid a flat fee of $15 per sale. 

But if you promote it wisely, all those $15 commissions add up.

Commission $15 

Cookie 7 days

Sign upGreen Chef Affiliate Program

St. Tropica

st tropica affiliate

St Tropica is behind a number of all-natural products for hair care.

This is not only intended to make your hair grow longer and stronger, but it is also intended to fix existing damage, such as split ends and a lack of volume.

For each sale you make through your affiliate links, this program pays a 15% commission. 

Also you’re going to make $7 average transaction per customer.

Commission 15%

Cookie 45 days

Sign upSt. Tropica Affiliate Program


veestro reviews

Veestro is a plant-based food delivery service that delivers anywhere in the United States.

They make delicious chef-inspired food and juices that are a good alternative if you’re too tired or overstressed to cook.

All you have to do is eat and heat to enjoy a delicious meal based on plants. 

ShareASale or Pepperjam host their affiliate program .

The average value of Veestro’s order is $215. Members have access to their websites or social media accounts to exclusive content, text links and publicity ads.

Your program is managed by eAccountable professionally.

Commission 5%

Cookie 15 days

Sign upVeestro Affiliate Program



Ora Organic produces high quality organic products and vegan supplements.

They all consist of herbal, gluten-free, dairy free, non-artificial, and non-GMO ingredients.

Affiliates earn 20% on all purchases and 20% on all subscriptions for the duration of life.

Commission 20%

Cookie 30 days

Sign upOra.Organic Affiliate Program

Sunburst Superfoods

sunburst superfoods

Sunburst Superfoods recognises that such superfoods made from natural plant products need premium combinations. 

Typically, their foods contain specific types of foods rich in nutrients, like seeds, leafy green vegetables, and fruit.

For their consumers, the company creates superfood items that are affordable, accessible, and easy to store.

Customers can now easily continue their vegan journey while remaining healthy.

Shareasale hosts their affiliate program.

Also, their earnings per click are around $33.43 and their affiliate commission rates are around 10%, with a 5% commission on coupons.

Commission 60 days

Cookie 10 days

Sign upSunburst Superfoods Affiliate Programs

N: philanthrophy

N: philanthrophy

n:philanthropy is a modern fashion label that specialises in deconstructed sweaters and revamped essentials.

They just use vegan leather and faux fur because they believe you shouldn’t have to compromise style for wearability.

They offer 10% of the net proceeds to paediatric cancer research and animal welfare organisations. 

Pepperjam powers their affiliate network, and n:philanthropy provides affiliates with marketing resources such as their product catalogue and text links.

Their partner manager is available to assist you with any concerns you may have and to make recommendations about how to improve your campaigns.

Commission 10%

Cookie 30 days

Sign up N: philanthrophy Affiliate Program



Veecoco is an online vegan cooking school that collaborates with chefs from all over the world to teach students their techniques and tricks in the kitchen.

With a 30-day cookie attribution, affiliates win 30% on course sales.

In fact veecoco releases new cooking courses on a regular basis, giving you new opportunities to support the courses and membership.

Commission 30%

Cookie 30 days

Sign upVeecoco Affiliate Program



Vega is an organic brand. They provide plant-based, whole food items for health-conscious customers.

Their affiliate program claims to deliver a dynamic, tiered commission structure.

The average order value is $78 with a 60-day cookie life.

Affiliates will also have access to a dedicated associate manager as well as free consumer gift rewards.

CJ Affiliates manages their affiliate network.

Commission 8% – 15% 

Cookie 7 days

Sign upVega Affiliate Program

The Vegan Kind

The Vegan Kind

TheVeganKind is a vegan supermarket that sells single vegan items as well as vegan beauty and food delivery boxes.

Their subscription program is in addition to the vast array of items mentioned above – practically an entire supermarket’s worth.

Customers will have vegan staples delivered to their door on a monthly basis.

Shoppers can search by requirements or brand, and there is also a large selection of recipes, meal suggestions.

You must first create an account and then apply for the Vegan Kind Supermarket affiliate program.

You’ll have to fill out personal and website details, as well as promotional plans and platforms.

Commission 5%

Cookie 30 days

Sign upThe Vegan Kind Affiliate Program

Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts

Vegancuts offers monthly delivery boxes of makeup, make-up, and snacks delivered right to your door.

In addition they have a variety of items that you can promote, providing you with more options to offer your followers.

Commission 5%

Cookie 30 days

Sign upVegan Cuts Affiliate Program

Pur: The complexion authority 

Pur: The complexion authority

Pur Cosmetics is another vegan-friendly cosmetics brand that offers a wide variety of cruelty-free, environmentally friendly mineral cosmetics that are also free of animal testing.

Thier affiliate program is hosted by CJ Affiliates.

This is a great place for those who want to promote chemical-free or natural makeups, as well as those who want to write posts that fit products to different skin conditions and specifications – a menu choice here.

The site also includes a shade finder feature that allows you to adapt brands to your readers’ skin tones.

Commission 5%

Cookie 45 days

Sign upPur: The complexion authority Affiliate Program

Final Thoughts

So now you have covered the best vegan affiliate programs that you can promote right away. The vegan niche is steadily rising and is a wonderful niche for affiliates. Another way to get money to promote vegan affiliate products is through a niche blog.

Want more? No problem!

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