Fiverr Affiliate Program In Depth Review (2022)

Fiverr Affiliate Program In Depth Review (2022)

Fiverr is a popular brand and they do have an affiliate program which gives you an exclusive opportunity to promote thousands of services in any niche you want.

According to the report, There are 3.42 million active buyers on Fiverr. So you see how much potential this platform has and how you can make a living by promoting this program to the targeted audience.

Lets get started…

What is Fiverr? 

Fiverr is a global online marketplace for low-cost freelancing services. 

Their brand is designed to make the process of recruiting or being recruited as a freelancer as simple as possible. Hiring, firing, and HR departments are all handled through the Online marketplace. Smaller companies can work on a case-by-case basis, and freelancers can sell their skills to any corporation at any moment. 

Fiverr allows customers to pay in advance for Gigs, which can include everything from WordPress design to logo design to writing services to transcriptions to voiceover work. When the site first began, all services were priced at $5, but now freelancers can charge whatever they want and offer package discounts, or Gig Packages.

What is the Fiverr Affiliate Program? 

Fiverr affiliate program

You’re probably aware that Fiverr provides a variety of services from freelancers that have joined the platform and sell their skills via the Fiverr website. 

Fiverr affiliates can advertise freelancers’ services to boost the program’s explanation. 

When someone purchases one of those services, the Fiverr affiliate will receive a percentage from the buyer’s payment. 

At Fiverr, the commissions are a little different. 

Later in this post, we’ll go over the specifics of the commissions granted by the Fiverr affiliate program. 

You might be asking why Fiverr would pay a Fiverr affiliate to promote a freelancer’s service. 

Fiverr, like other well-known services such as Upwork and Freelancer, charges buyers and sellers a fee based on the amount of money exchanged. 

This is the fee that Fiverr charges for providing its platform to consumers and merchants. 

As a result, each Fiverr affiliate who advertises any Fiverr service will receive a commission from the amount that Fiverr makes as a result of the sale made by a Fiverr affiliate. 

This is the amount of money that Fiverr would not have made if a Fiverr affiliate had not marketed those services.

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Commission Structure 

There are four commission types in the Fiverr affiliate programme. They are all distinct and have their own advantages. 

You are not obligated to stick with one once you have chosen one; you can always grab the other links and promote Fiverr using the other commission options. 

Making this decision is entirely up to you. Let’s have a look at some of them to see which one is best for you.

Revenue Share Commission

If you choose the revenue share commission rate, you will receive a commission every time your referral purchases a service. 

You will receive the commission regardless of when your referral purchases, whether it is today or in 5 years. 

As I previously stated, this commission is based on the Fiverr fees, not the entire sale. Fiverr charges a 20% commission. 

The amount is 30% of Fiverr’s fees (So, 30 percent of 20 percent of the sale)

Every sale is eligible for a lifetime sales commission.

CPA Model

Then there’s the CPA model. (CPA) stands for cost per acquisition. 

It differs from other CPA models in that you must have at least one purchase from your leads, although the commission rates are fairly substantial. 

However, they are focused on the service that they are purchasing.

They offer different commissions ranging from $15 – $150 depending on the types of service the buyers purchases.

You will be paid only once per purchase.

Hybrid Model

The Hybrid model is the final option for referring customers. It is, as the name implies, a hybrid of the Revenue share model and the CPA model. 

It’s designed to give you a little bit of both. 

As a result, you receive a lower CPA commission as well as a small revenue share commission each time your referral makes a purchase. 

They pay $10 CPA plus 10% of revenue and you will receive lifetime sales commission plus CPA

Sub-Affiliate Model

Finally, there is the sub-affiliate model, which is the commission plan you would promote if you were referring affiliates rather than customers. 

You will receive a percentage of what affiliates earn if you refer them. 

They pay 10% of all commissions generated by your referred affiliates. 

And you will receive lifetime or sub-commission.

Earning Potential 

It is possible to earn $1000 or more per month as a Fiverr affiliate, but you must work your way up to this level. The amount of commission you can earn is determined by your niche and the interests of your audience. If your audience is interested in web designing , For example, you could recommend some of Fiverr’s web designing services so that they will click the affiliated link. 

There are some commission plans that you can use to increase your earnings as a Fiverr affiliate. Each one only accepts first-time buyers, which means they have not previously registered with Fiverr before clicking your affiliate link and purchasing a service.

How To Promote Fiverr affiliate program 

Make a Fiverr review. 

People who search for “Fiverr review” in Google are already considering purchasing and simply need to validate their decision by reading an honest review. 

There’s no reason why that couldn’t be your honest opinion because it all comes down to search intent, and I want you to consider this for a moment. 

People who look for “Fiverr reviews” are those who have never used it before, i.e. first-time buyers. 

They would be ideal candidates for clicking on your affiliate links; 

If you need a Fiverr review example, simply Google it and read a few of the top results to get your creative juices flowing.

Use Marketing Creatives

Fiver offers its own marketing tools, allowing you to creatively promote Fiver’s services. These tools can provide you with elements that you can incorporate into your website. 

To use Fiverr’s marketing tools, navigate to the “Marketing Tools” section of your affiliate profile. To see a list of filters, look for “All Marketing Tools.” Each filter can assist you in determining what Fiverr service you are promoting, the language specified, and an image size for the element. 

After you’ve selected your filters, click “Show Creative” to see a generated list of elements that you can use to promote Fiverr on your website. Each element has a button that allows you to embed HTML code in your website. 

Use markers to indicate that you are using an affiliate link when doing Fiverr affiliate marketing on a social media platform so that you can refer your audience to Fiverr’s services.

Key Benefits of Joining Fiverr Affiliate Program.

Fiverr is a Popular Brand

Promoting a product that people are already familiar with is always a good idea because you can use their brand goodwill in promoting the affiliate offers which will lead to more sales. 

Easy Approval 

You can get easily approved for their amazing affiliate program. It opens a door for many opportunities because you can choose from thousands of digital products to promote. 

Custom Commission Structure

The Fiverr affiliate program offers a custom commission structure that you can choose to meet your requirements. 

Access To A Variety Of Marketing Materials

As a Fiverr affiliate, you’ll have access to a variety of promotional banners and links to help you advertise the service more effectively. 

When logged into your Fiverr affiliate account, you’ll find these on the “Marketing Tools” dashboard. 

Simply click the “Get HTML code” option after you’ve decided on a banner to use and copy/paste it onto your website. 

Deep Linking

Deep linking is the process by which an affiliate links to a specific page on the merchant’s website. Instead of utilising a general homepage affiliate link, I can link to a related article. Given the variety and originality of services accessible on Fiverr, deep linking is extremely advantageous.

It Provides A Number Of Payment Alternatives. 

Affiliates have a variety of payment choices. The currencies available are USD, EUR, and GBP. PayPal, Payoneer, and your bank account are all options for receiving funds (wire and ACH transfer). It’s broad and all-encompassing.

Affiliate User Guide:

They’ve already done all of the hard work for you. It will teach you how your affiliate links work, how to create deep links, and how to use dynamic parameters and pixels to increase sales.

How Do You Become a Fiverr Affiliate?

It should only take you approximately five minutes to sign up for Fiverr’s affiliate program.

Step 1: Go to the Signup page.

what is fiverr affiliate program

To begin, click to the official sign up page for the Fiverr affiliate. Then, after filling in all of the essential information, click Next. Before registering for the affiliate account, you do not need to have a standard Fiverr account.

Step 2: Describe your promotion strategy

fiverr affiliate program sign up

After that, you’ll have to explain how you plan to promote Fiverr. To market Fiverr, go to Sources and enter the methods you plan to utilise.

Step 3: Tick the services you’ll be promoting.

fiverr affiliate program review

On the same page, you’ll be provided choices and asked to check the boxes next to the Fiverr services you think your audience will like.

Step 4: Read and accept the terms and conditions.

To agree to the Fiverr affiliate’s terms and conditions and privacy policy, check the boxes at the bottom of the page.

Then click Register Now, and you’ll be a part of the Fiver affiliate program in no time.


What is Fiverr CPA?

For first-time buyers, Fiverr CPA pays you a fixed amount of $10 CPA plus a generous 10% revenue share on future orders from the same buyer over the course of a year. 

Does Fiverr Have An Affiliate Program?

They certainly do. They also established one of the best affiliate schemes in the world, in classic Fiverr style. You can get money by promoting other people’s gigs via your own shareable links. 

Is Fiverr Affiliate Legit?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. In fact, with the work they did building up their affiliate program, Fiverr has gained the respect of the whole affiliate marketing community in a very short length of time. 

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Final Thoughts

Overall Fiverr affiliate program has proven to be successful. Not only are the payout terms generous, but they’ve also provided you with all of the tools and support you’ll need to make serious money as an affiliate.

Because the outsourcing services they sell are as in-demand as they are evergreen, this marketplace isn’t going away. Fiverr is an excellent place to establish your affiliate roots and cultivate a long-term profitable relationship. So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up for this amazing platform to make huge profits.

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