How To Increase Your Blog Post Traffic (2022)

How To Increase Your Blog Post Traffic (2022)

One question comes to mind when you just start your blogging journey: How am I going to get traffic to my blog post?

And in this article I am going to share the proven strategies that will help you to get an overall idea about how you can also generate lots of traffic to your website.

So let’s dive in.

Create Visual Info-graphics That Bring New Visitors

An infographic is a visual representation of complex information or a storey that helps to express its main points more effectively. Instead of boring readers with a bunch of dry data or facts, marketers may utilise an infographic to convey their point more effectively. 

An infographic combines two of marketing’s most significant elements: information and graphics. They offer a lot of information – usually backed up by statistics and high-quality sources – without bogging down the reader with lengthy explanations. They catch the eye and keep users engaged with the content at the same time.

It helps in building backlinks and traffic to your posts as infographics are easily shareable. They also engage the users because visual communication is more valuable and engaging. 

Engaging Content 

Creating engaging content is extremely important for your blogs because it will help engage readers and make them come back to you again and again. 

Here are the steps to follow to make an engaging content:- 

Provide Valuable Content 

Readers desire to be entertained as well as educated or enlightened. They’ll keep coming back for more if you can establish yourself as a resource that brings them information and insights that will help them or improve their lives. They’ll also turn to you for guidance when they need information.

Make Use Of Captivating Headlines 

Because many people don’t read past the headlines, it’s critical that yours do. They should be brief and to-the-point, with carefully chosen content that either incorporates target keywords or is intended to be visually appealing (or both).

Make Short Sentences 

Online material must be easier to consume than print stuff. That means shorter phrases, paragraphs, and articles, as well as using subheads and bullet points to break up your writing. Readers are fickle and will abandon an article if it is difficult to follow, especially on mobile devices with limited reading space.

Concentrate on the Flow. 

As you attempt to create flow in your postings, make every sentence count. Strive for a smooth transition from one part to the next, natural integration of essential keyword words, and an engaging tone throughout. When you’re finished, read your message aloud to ensure that it flows well. If something bothers you, it’ll probably bother readers as well.

Produce Longer Content

Long-form content is not only favoured by search engines, but it also appeals to readers. According to one serpIQ analysis, Google’s top ten results were each over 2,000 words long. 

Before transitioning to long-form writing, Wordstream used to publish blogs that were less than 1,000 words long. Their traffic nearly tripled when they engaged in longer posts, and their on-site time nearly tripled as well. 

Neil Patel, a content marketing specialist, is known for writing blogs that are over 4,000 words long. He also thinks 2,000-word postings should be a minimum objective for a variety of reasons: 

  • Longer posts are more important to your plan because they draw more backlinks and organic Google traffic for a longer length of time. 
  • You appear to be more trustworthy.
  • By offering a complete article, you appear more trustworthy. 
  • It’s easier to recycle long-form posts.

The content experts and their proof have developed a strong case for long-form content. We all know that long form posts take longer to write and cost more, not to mention that they are usually harder to write. 

It is a tough call but you have to work hard if you want to succeed. 

Build Email List From Day One

As a blogger your email list is an asset to you which will bring regular traffic and extra profit to your business. It seems boring to write the old fashioned emails in today’s world with so many communication methods at your fingertips. 

But the truth is email can drastically increase your online earnings and you should never neglect this step. 

Reasons why you should build an email list:- 

An Email Is 6 Times More Likely To Obtain A Click-Through Than A Tweet.

Think about how much time you devote to promoting your blog. How much time do you spend on social media vs. email? I’m guessing the former is more important than the latter. 

The statistics for social media marketing are readily available. Email marketing statistics, on the other hand, aren’t as readily available. 

There are considerably more email accounts than there are social accounts online. That’s three times as many email accounts than Twitter and Facebook combined. 

When it comes to click-through rates, email has a rate of around 3%, while Twitter has a rate of around 0.5 percent. In comparison to Tweets, email has 6x more click-throughs. 

With data like that, it’s easy to understand where you should be focusing your efforts.

Your Subscribers Are More Likely To Share Your Content If You Send Them An Email.

It’s important about building amazing relationships with your readers when it comes to growing a blog. They’ll be the ones to help you get the word out about your stuff. 

Using your email list to communicate with your audience is a personal experience that helps to build those ties. When you send an email to a subscriber, you’re speaking to them one-on-one, not to the multitudes on social media. This gives them a sense of importance and belonging in your community. 

Furthermore, the stronger your subscribers’ feelings of connection, the more likely they are to spread your content. Email marketing fosters a sense of loyalty and trust, which makes individuals significantly more willing to share your material on social media.

You’re Constructing An Asset That Will Last For A Long Time. 

You’re establishing something with your email list that will be beneficial far into the future, even if it doesn’t appear to be that vital at first. While social media is ephemeral and subject to change, email marketing is permanent. 

Consider this scenario: Developing a social media following is similar to constructing a home on leased land. This land is shaky and could disappear at any time. 

Your house, on the other hand, is being built on your own land through email marketing. It’s a long-term investment that you can manage and instantly drive traffic to your blog when you want. 

Push Notifications: The Newest Traffic Technology Most Bloggers Are Missing

Web Push Notifications are a strong and successful marketing tool used by online businesses to communicate with and interact with their customers, keep them up to speed on key information, announce promotions and offers, and ultimately drive more blog traffic. 

Here is why it is an important aspect:- 

1. Opt-in Rate Is High

Unlike pop-ups, which seek for the user’s email address in order to send them newsletters or promotional offers, browser push notifications do not require any consumer information. To get started, all you need is a single click. As a result, they have a greater opt-in rate than emails. 

In reality, when it comes to browser push notifications, the opt-out percentage is really low.

It also makes it easier for visitors who are hesitant to disclose personal information online. This is frequently observed among new/first-time visitors.

2. Increased Participation 

Unlike Email or SMS, where the URL to redirect the user to the desired location is included in the text, Web Push Notifications only require one tap to redirect the user to the specified URL. 

You will almost certainly obtain more engagement if you can entice your audience with your notification headline. Create triggering notifications that pique the user’s interest while avoiding click-bait headlines.

3. Instant Traffic boost 

One of the most significant advantages of Web Push Notifications is that it increases traffic. It works best when the message offers information that is worth the user’s time. You will notice a huge increase in website traffic if it is tempting. Browser Push Notifications can attract substantial real-time traffic to your blog. 

Learn and Apply The SEO Basics To Your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be challenging due to ever-changing algorithms. 

But it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult, as long as you stick to the basics for each post.

Tips to SEO optimize:- 

Choose the Correct Keywords 

One of the most crucial parts of SEO is keyword research. When you want to learn how to create a blog, this should be the first thing you look into. It establishes the groundwork for your optimization and should not be overlooked. 

You  can help google understand what your content is about by targeting the right keywords. 

You can help Google comprehend what your content is about by targeting the right keywords. As a result, your articles are more likely to appear in search results.

Prioritize Keywords with a Low Difficulty Level. 

When choosing a keyword for your blog articles, keyword difficulty is a crucial statistic to consider. The more complex the keyword, the more strong the competition and the more tough it is to rank for. 

When it comes to keywords, the usual rule of thumb is to look for those with a reasonable amount of traffic and minimal competition. 

You can use a free tool like AdWords Keyword tool or a paid tool like Semrush to determine keyword difficulty.

Pay Attention To Long-Tail Keywords. 

Long tail keywords are three or four phrase keywords that are extremely specialised to your product or service. Because of the limited competition, they are quite easy to rank. 

When a potential blog reader chooses a very particular Google search phrase, they usually know exactly what they’re looking for. And if you can develop material that matches that search intent, you’ll rank well! 

These keywords should be used in the correct places in your material, such as the title, description, and subheadings.

Optimize For Featured Snippets 

It’s a good idea to optimise your blog to appear in highlighted snippets if you want to get the most out of your material. 

Featured snippets appear in front of the first position, usually in the form of a box containing an image, video, or table. They stand out in the search results, resulting in more clicks for you.

To Increase Traffic, Optimize Your Images 

Here’s a little-known fact that most bloggers aren’t aware of: If you optimise your images appropriately, Google Image Search can drive a lot of traffic to your blog! 

It’s as simple as adding alt text to your images. To do so, right-click your image and choose an alternate text option as seen below.

Fill in the Alternative Text box with a suitable description so that Google can figure out what the image is about and help your potential readers find it when they do a Google image search. 

Increase Website Speed 

Because page load time is a ranking factor, you’ll need to make your pages load faster if you want to outrank your competitors. 

Even if page load speed isn’t a ranking criteria, it’s still crucial if you’re serious about giving your readers the greatest experience possible. 

To improve the speed of your page, go to Google Pagespeed Insights and type in your URL.

Go over the options and put Google’s advice into practise. This will dramatically increase the page speed of your website. 

To boost page speed, you may also instal a cache plugin on your WordPress site. WP Rocket is one of the greatest caching plugins available, that I use and recommend. 

Social Media 

You can take advantage of social media by developing outstanding content and distributing it to the masses, who will spread it for you.

Here’s how you can utilise social media to increase traffic to your post:- 

  • By enticing viewers and providing them with important, relevant information. 
  • Holding surveys, asking questions, and interacting with the audience are all things that can be done. 
  • Receiving input, understanding it, and making changes to your marketing plan as a result .
  • Using brand recognition; ensuring that the brand is in front of potential consumers in the event that they are looking for your services and providing incentives for them to buy. 
  • Associating with people who have a lot of power. Increasing the professional reach of partners and collaborators through associating the brand with industry influencers, being a trusted source of guidance and information, and sharing website content.
  • Increasing brand loyalty and customer retention. Because it is a platform through which you can be social and obtain genuine reactions from your audience and consumers, social media is superior to any other feedback tool. You can quickly learn more about your target audience (better customer profiling), and your target audience can learn more about you (which in turn increases conversion and loyalty). 
  • Gaining credibility and trust. People expect your business to have Facebook and Twitter accounts because it gives them a method to contact you and get accurate information. You appear trustworthy, and the more people who hear about your company, the more credibility it will gain.

Regular Content Posting

If you want consistent traffic to your blog post then you have to consistently post content to your website. It is a proven strategy from a lot of successful bloggers. 

In order to do that you can consider making a schedule for your posting and stick to it. 

You will see guaranteed results. 

Outsource Your Work

It becomes quite difficult to post regularly when you are the only person who writes and manages all the business activities. 

Outsourcing your blog is the answer to these issues. 

It helps to give you all of the advantages of engaging your audience and generating new leads, but with a lot less effort and worry.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you know how you can use the above strategies to increase blog post traffic. It is not as hard as we think. You just need to apply it and see amazing results.

Want more? No problem!

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