Easy Ways To Find Profitable Products On Clickbank

Easy Ways To Find Profitable Products On Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the most popular and leading affiliate marketing networks in the world. The company has paid $4 billion in commissions to affiliates. So they must be doing something right. 

But how you are going to profit from it depends on choosing the right product to offer your targeted audience. 

In this post I am going to reveal how to pick the profitable products on clickbank so you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and create a passive income stream for yourself. 

So without wasting any time let’s dig further into it.

What Is Clickbank? 

ClickBank is a digital product affiliate network that houses hundreds of digital products such as e-books, movies, and software. They merely act as intermediaries between product providers and affiliates.

If you’re a vendor, you’ll build your own product and use ClickBank’s system to set it up. They then publish your product on their marketplace, making it visible to tens of thousands of affiliates. They track sales using unique tracking URLs and cookies to determine where the sale originated and credit the referring account appropriately. 

Confused? In a moment, everything will be obvious. Many people start as affiliates and work their way up to become vendors. You can make money as an affiliate because it’s the simplest approach. 

All you have to do as an affiliate is sign up for a ClickBank affiliate account and then browse their marketplace, which includes all of their associate vendors’ products. 

Once you’ve found a good product, ClickBank will give you a unique “affiliate link” that will take you to the vendor’s sales page.

How To Find Profitable Products On Clickbank

To find the profitable products on clickbank you can follow the steps given below:

First choose your niche

Before finding a profitable product on clickbank, you need to find out your niche and to find your niche you need to analyse your interest and passion.

When you do this, you will not get bored and remain dedicated towards your work. Because the fact is, you cannot perform any work with efficiency when you do not know anything about it. For example, if you do not have any interest in cooking then you cannot work in this niche with dedication and interest. You can pretend to be passionate about it but after some time you will lose your interest and quit it.

So this is the most crucial and important step. Choose wisely!

Take a pen and paper. Write it down and at the end of the day you will come up with a niche that interests you the most.

Search on clickbank by categories 

Once you have selected your niche. Now you need to find products on the clickbank. To do so you need to follow the below steps:-

  • Login to your clickbank account
  • Click on affiliate marketplace and you will see the new window. 
  • On the right hand side you can see the niche categories that are available on clickbank. 
clickbank niche categories
  • Click on the one that suits your niche. 

Filter the results by clickbank gravity 

Clickbank gravity is the matrix that defines how many affiliates have promoted the product and the sales generated in the last 12 weeks. 

As a result, each product has a gravity value that indicates how well it is selling on ClickBank and whether it is a suitable fit for an affiliate to promote and earn money from. 

This is what the product gravity looks like:

clickbank gravity

As an affiliate marketer, you should choose products with a higher gravity score because they have been shown to sell successfully. 

However, just because a product has a low gravity score doesn’t mean it won’t sell. The importance of a product is also determined by how actively it has been promoted to affiliates. 

Assume you have a product that you have advertised to affiliates in order for them to promote it. Thousands of people could be advertising your goods and producing revenue in that case. 

However, some excellent products convert even better while maintaining a low gravity score. 

Still, for beginners, a high gravity score indicates that the product has a higher probability of converting, and hence has a higher conversion rate.

Also have a look at the average sale.

This is the average amount spent by customers. It’s not the money they spend on the first day. You can figure this out by looking at the first sale.

Check the commissions you are receiving

Once you find out the product with higher gravity score you need to check the commissions that you are going to receive per sale. This way you can decide whether this product is profitable for you or not.

Higher the commissions the better. Also do not forget about the expenses that may occur while promoting the product (in case you are promoting via paid ads). Do the calculation and then decide. 

Do keyword analysis

Once you have selected the product, do some keyword analysis on keyword research tools like semrush, kwfinder to find out the search volume of the keyword. This will define the interest of the audience in certain products and you will also find out some new keywords that your audience are searching for.

You can then find the relevant product on clickbank that your targeted audience may want to purchase and resolve any of their problems. 

If people are spending their hard earned money on anything then, they are obviously trying to resolve their problem or trying to get a better version of themselves. You are offering them some value. So always choose the product that your audience desperately wants. 

Search how many products are available in your niche

You should locate more than one good product if you want to solely focus on Clickbank. When you notice a lot of high-gravity products in a single subcategory, you can bet these niches will be profitable. A minimum of three goods with a gravity of 15 are required. 

You can also sell more products by recommending many products on your website. When people trust you, they will buy a lot of your recommended things. 

Checkout the Landing page

When you find a product that has a good gravity score, next you should checkout the landing page of the product. This is the most important step because there are lots of scammy, clickbait types of landing pages on clickbank. So you need to make sure that the product you are going to promote has a good landing page. And the audience does not bounce back from the page. 

It will lead to higher conversion rates and you will be benefited from it. 

Product Rating

Check the rating of a product before you buy it; it will tell you a lot about how satisfied people are. The following are the most common pieces of information about star ratings: 

  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Chargebacks 
  • Rates of refund

Because shoppers pay great attention to ratings, you should avoid products with one or two stars. Consider what you do before placing an online order. You examine the product’s score. 

Consider yourself a buyer and study each phase of your thought process to have a better understanding of what your customers go through when purchasing a product. You’ll be able to see what your customer sees if you do it this way. 

Would you purchase a product with only one star? You probably wouldn’t, so don’t deceive your potential customers into believing the product is great despite the negative feedback.

Rinse and Repeat

You cannot always promote the same product so you need to find more. Rinse and repeat the process again and again so that you can offer really good and new products to your audience. You can see on clickbank, vendors launch a lot of new products and you should always be active to see if there is something that you can consider promoting.

Clickbank Gravity vs Popularity 

When it comes to promoting a Clickbank product, gravity is more important than popularity. 

In my affiliate marketing experience, I’ve discovered that the majority of consumers browse the Marketplace using the default “Sort by” option, which sorts all products by popularity. 

While popularity is a good indicator of a product’s earning potential for you as an affiliate, there are many other “Sort by” choices accessible in the Marketplace, such as gravity, earning per sale, and so on. 

Popularity may also be related to the number of affiliates who have generated hoplinks for this product, but this isn’t always a smart rule to follow – search for products with a gravity of 15 to 70, especially if you’re new. The gravity is a more trustworthy predictor of how well the product is selling! That’s all that matters.

How Much Gravity On ClickBank Is Too Much? 

If you’re wondering how much gravity is too much on ClickBank, you can use the general guidelines for identifying a trustworthy product. This suggests that you should aim for a gravity score of 15–70. 

Should you be concerned if you purchase a product with an 80 or 90 gravity score? No, you shouldn’t be. You should be OK as long as you understand that the competition develops in tandem with the gravity score. Don’t be confused; promoting a product with a gravity score of 90 is not the same as promoting a product with a gravity score of 900.

Final Thoughts

Overall finding a profitable product is crucial and you should pick your niche first. Then you can check the product’s gravity score, average sale and other important metrics. You should do your research first and then consider promoting the product that you have picked. If you do affiliate marketing on clickbank like this then you can generate a solid income stream for yourself. 

Also if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing then you can join this free affiliate marketing training that has helped me and I think it will do the same for you. 

Want more? No problem!

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