7 Best Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

7 Best Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

Are you looking for some inspiration then you have come to the right place. Today I am going to reveal the top 7 affiliate marketing websites that are earning huge commissions and making a full time income from it. 

You can also do the same because these guys took action and now they are in this position. Taking action is the key to success. It’s not about gaining knowledge, reading blog posts, taking courses and then expecting success. No, things do not work like that. You have to take action.

So without wasting any time let’s start with the list. 


Gear Hungry is a website that specialises in affiliate product recommendations. It applies to all types of consumer goods. For each category, you may find the top-of-the-line products here.

The minimalist, content-focused design of Gear Hungry is the cause for its popularity. 

They want to build a platform that is devoid of distractions and geared for product research. 

Throughout the site, the blog post format is uniform. At the beginning, there are top recommendations, followed by extensive reviews with crucial stats for each product.

Any affiliate site will benefit from consistent blog formats. To begin with, they allow you to produce content more quickly. Second, your viewers will become accustomed to it and will be able to navigate through it without difficulty.

The content is skimmable and has useful internal links. 

Gear Hungry has a part called “Everyday Carry” that is unusual. 

It offers essential tools for weddings, digital nomads, students, and other situations. A brilliant approach to pique the interest of almost any reader. 

This section is divided into various sections, each of which focuses on a different product category. They ensured that at least a few packages cater to each visitor’s interest by casting a wide net.

Gear Hungry also has enticing blog posts with deals to suit everyone’s preferences. Each blog article is created with the goal of generating qualified leads and contributing to their SEO strategy. 

They rank for keywords such as “best sunglasses for guys,” “best travel wallets,” and “best gaming glasses.” Buyer intent and volume are strong for these keywords.

If you can rank for these, your conversions and organic traffic will skyrocket. The disadvantage is that they face stiff competition. New affiliate marketing websites may find it difficult to compete with the big boys right away. 

The fact that they target some very generic keywords is intriguing.

It’s also worth noting that they target some rather broad terms. Some of them include “best sunglasses for males,” “best work gloves,” and “best gaming glasses.” 

These are high-volume, high-competition keywords. While Gear Hungry has the authority to rank first for them, this isn’t the case for all websites. 

These are probably out of your SEO strategy’s league if you’re just getting started. 

Gear Hungry, like every other review site, focuses on feature tidbits. These can increase the number of visitors to your website as well as the number of conversions.

They are also the member of the Amazon Associates program

Throughout the content of the products, there are several engaging CTAs. The buttons are orange to contrast with the website’s white and blue design. 

Another intriguing aspect is the motion that appears when you move your mouse over them. They’ll change colour from orange to black, making them much more noticeable. 

Their bread and butter are buying guides and reviews. This is where they put the links to the products that have been evaluated.

Amazon, Skimlinks, Refersion, and ConsumerJunction are some of their most prominent campaigns. 

In addition, Gear Hungry publishes a relevant newsletter that produces additional cash. This is used to advertise further affiliate deals directly to subscribers’ inboxes.

The sign-up CTA is prominently displayed at the bottom of the page and throughout the content.

Best things about gear hungry

  • Gear Hungry illustrates that minimalism is still a fantastic trend. The site is designed in a minimalistic style to provide a distraction-free reading experience. Their blog postings are likewise formatted in a consistent manner. Working in the same format might substantially speed up your content creation process. 
  • Make high-volume keywords a part of your SEO plan. For searches like “best work gloves” and “best sunglasses for guys,” Gear Hungry routinely ranks first. These are keywords with a lot of customer intent, but also a lot of competition. It will take some planning, link building, and supporting content to rank for them, but it will be a tremendous boost for your conversions and organic traffic. 
  • CTA buttons are used well by Gear Hungry. They’re orange, which contrasts with the rest of the design. Every time the mouse is moved over the button, an animated colour change appears. It is critical to make the CTA prominent in order to increase your CTR.

This is Why I’m Broke 

This is Why I’m Broke is an Amazon associate partner website that has the odd product market cornered. 

It’s, unlike some of the larger Amazon affiliate sites, takes a more laid-back approach to affiliate marketing. The site, which is frequently amusing, searches the internet for the most strange and interesting things. 

The website itself isn’t really impressive, but design isn’t everything. 

Despite its modest design, the site has discovered a few effective tactics.

An abundance of social evidence in the form of reviews and ‘saves’ is one of their most effective methods. 

And social proof has a lot of weight.

Best things about This is why I’m broke

  • The site’s witty tone appeals to their target demographic of younger internet users. 
  • Their amusing product discoveries frequently go viral, resulting in a flood of free traffic. 
  • They have gift guides, which are a fun and educational approach to market affiliate products. 
  • Because it’s a unique niche site that caters to folks looking for weird items, there’s little competition. 
  • They emphasise prices and “saved” items as social proof.

This is Why I Am Broke can earn money as an Amazon affiliate website even if you don’t buy any of the strange things they promote— as long as you click an affiliate link and then buy something on Amazon within the next 24 hours. 

“It is a really lucrative business model — it’s an extremely low-cost site full of affiliate links that get shared at viral traffic levels,” the owner said.

Growth Marketing Pro

Growth Marketing Pro is a growth marketing blog run by Hailey Friedman and Mark Spera for startup and small business leaders and marketers looking to increase leads and scale their businesses. 

Hailey and Mark claim to have founded numerous successful businesses, overseen marketing operations for others, and developed the world’s largest growth marketing blog, which produces $60,000 each month. 

The blog posts are divided into two categories: learning guides and software reviews.

Content marketing, ecommerce marketing, growth marketing, growth hacking, paid marketing, SEO, and web hosting are just a few of the topics covered in the learning guides.

Marketing tools, CRM software, email marketing, landing page software, project management, and SEO software, for example, are all covered in software reviews.

There’s also a lengthy backstory for each Hailey and Mark, detailing their struggles and triumphs on their way to greatness.

Best things about growth marketing pro

  • Hailey and Mark have a lot of engagement with their audience, as evidenced by the comment sections of each piece. They respond to each topic in the comments section and invite their audience to interact with them. (However, they charge for their consulting, employing it as a secondary source of income in addition to affiliate offers.) 
  • Another best thing about Growth Marketing Pro is that their content is chock-full of real-world examples and recommendations. They have authority in the issues they discuss due to their agency jobs and experience with large customers. Perhaps this authority compensates for their lower traffic by increasing conversion rates. 
  • It’s impossible to go into detail about growth hacks, for example, and provide meaningful advise unless you’ve tried them yourself. That is why affiliate marketing relies heavily on research and niche expertise.


I was blown away by how quickly their content and traffic grew. 

The site has an excellent silo structure, which greatly aids in achieving high results for some of the most important keywords in this sector. 

The site’s marketing team has also done an excellent job of promoting the site. They’ve gotten mentions and links in some of the most well-known general and industry-specific publications. ​

Lucie’s List first gained popularity as a result of the newsletter “Crib Notes.” You’re greeted with a popup asking you to subscribe to the newsletter as soon as you open the site. 

She asks for the baby’s due date/actual birthday in addition to the name and email address so that she can send the subscriber more timely and relevant content. 

These three factors, together with excellent content, explain why the newsletter is her most popular and effective tool. 

You can see what kind of stuff she posts by looking through her newslette archives. Lucie’s List makes excellent use of content timing based on the mother’s stage of life. The majority of the emails are informational and value-added, with a few product emails thrown in for good measure.

Best things about LUCIESLIST.COM

  • Publishes useful information to establish trust, followed by product reviews to generate revenue. 
  • Affiliate commissions and an ebook are the only sources of income. 
  • Produces a large number of brief product review posts for a broad audience.


Groupon is one of the most popular e-commerce marketplaces for bargains and coupons. 

It has a large mobile and online marketplace where people can find and save money on incredible things to do, see, eat, and purchase.

By providing small businesses with flexible and scalable marketing tools and services to effectively expand their enterprises, Groupon is revolutionising how small businesses attract and retain clients.

On the homepage, Groupon lists a plethora of categories as well as discounts for each. It’s more than an e-commerce site. You’ll also find deals on men’s and women’s apparel, food, travel destinations, health & fitness, automobiles, and much more. 

For example, if you click on a post titled “up to 38% offbeat tour or thrill ride,” you will be given details such as extensive customer reviews, pricing, the number of people allowed each trip, and so on. 

On the left side of the post, you’ll see purchase alternatives with significant discounts. Whether it’s tickets, meal coupons, or books, you have the choice of selecting how much you want. 

Best Things about groupon

  • You can also check how many consumers rated the product with a 5-star rating. 
  • You can even give a voucher or discount to someone as a gift.
  • There are various coupons to be found. Groupon gives you the opportunity to do business with them. Promoting the finest Groupon offers can make you a lot of money. They are interested in community building as well as making money.
  • It is monetized through a variety of affiliate programs. With Groupon, you can find interesting events and big discounts in your location. It offers a variety of fantastic prices on anything from kids’ activities to nightlife. You can join their network of affiliate partners.


Most of us who have ever played video games have come across IGN. It covers a wide range of video game topics, from walkthroughs to reviews of the most recent releases. The site covers all of the important gaming news and is a terrific way for gamers to stay informed.

Best Things about IGN

  • The site’s content is fantastic. Each game has a review, which concludes with the product’s pricing (and affiliate link). IGN’s reviews are always consulted by players when deciding whether or not to purchase a game. This demonstrates how effective and dependable their content is.
  • Video games, like books, never run out. There’s always a new game coming out, and there’s always a fresh review or news piece to write about. This keeps people coming back for more by keeping the site fresh.
  • IGN also offers more than just textual content. They’ve spent a lot of money on video content over the years, so they can appeal to a wide spectrum of people. The videos can be used to condense a 2000-word evaluation into a 5-minute video.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn and his blog, Smart Passive Income, are well-known. Pat Flynn is one of my favourite authors. He’s very sincere and open about what he does. 

He earns money from a variety of sources, including advertising, sponsorship, and his own items; nevertheless, promoting other people’s products accounts for a significant portion of his income in the beginning and over time. 

He believes in online transparency, so he makes specific products and links to them available on his website. 

There are millions of products and services related to blogging and generating money online on the internet, and he only promotes ones that he has thoroughly researched and believes will provide value to you. 

Smart passive income is also a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

Best things about smart passive income

  • He shares his efforts and lessons learned while creating his own online business on his blog, which he updates every week with new content. 
  • He also has a weekly YouTube channel, has self-published several books, and is in demand as a speaker. 
  • Pat gained visibility from the other bloggers’ audiences by working on a project with them. Also, the Niche Site Duel’s content was so fantastic that it brought him a lot of fresh traffic and helped him cement his position in the blogging industry. 
  • Pat Flynn launched the Smart Passive Income Podcast about the same time. He’s claimed that the podcast is now his number one source of new subscribers. Pat’s mantra is “be everywhere,” and he’s used this strategy to swiftly expand his audience. 
  • He creates Monthly Income Reports to demonstrate the possibilities of an online business and never pushes get-rich-quick scams.

Final Thoughts

You can take inspiration from these affiliate websites anytime you want. If you’re ready to put in the effort, you can become a successful affiliate marketer. 

The majority of these websites tried a variety of formulas until they found one that worked. Don’t be scared to apply the same principles to your website. 

Explore utilizing various CTAs, post styles, interlinking tactics, and methods for generating trust. Find the strategy that works best for your site and stick with it. 

It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out the technical specifics. Focus on your audience once you’ve figured this out. Make sure they feel valued and that your contributions are useful to them. As a result, you’ll notice a significant increase in conversion rates.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing then you can join this free training that has helped me and I think it will do the same for you. 

Want more? No problem!

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