11 Best Fishing Affiliate Programs of 2022

11 Best Fishing Affiliate Programs of 2022

Fishing is a big industry and the seafood market is projected to reach about 194 billion in 2027 which means there is a lot of potential money that can be made in this niche. 

It is more than just an outdoor sport because it helps to release stress, improves self-esteem, increases social bonding or makes a living out of it.

Therefore in this post, I am going to share the list of 11 best fishing affiliate programs that you can join right away and earn a good amount of commissions from it.

Okuma Fishing Tackle 

Okuma Fishing Tackle, established in Taiwan, has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality fishing rods and reels since 1986.

More than just fishing tackle is delivered by Okuma Fishing Tackle.

They provide the desire to get out on the water, the energy to stay focused, and the excitement to establish high expectations in every cast. 

Okuma Fishing aims to provide everyone with the best fishing experience possible, as well as the lightest and most precise fishing reels and rods for our fellow anglers.

They manufacture high-quality, low-cost fishing rods and reels, including fly rods, float rods, and spinning rods, as well as spinning, baitcasting, trolling, and fly reels.

They’re all constructed of high-tech materials and have dynamic designs.

Commission – 5% – 10% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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SA Fishing 

SA fishing is a well-known outdoor lifestyle apparel company that provides anglers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts with all they need to make the most of their adventures.

Their face shield displays the passion that every outdoorsman possesses.

SA Fishing offers quality gear at realistic prices, quick shipping, dependability, and, most importantly, for outdoor enthusiasts who understand that they shouldn’t have to overpay for the gear they need to enjoy the outdoors.

Commission – 5% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days 

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Angler Mall 

Anglers All began with a single purpose in mind: to create dependable and inexpensive fishing equipment.

It is all about using innovative devices to make fishing as simple and pleasurable as possible. 

Even though they may ship anywhere in the world, the majority of their orders come from the United States.

Commission – 10% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Warrior Tackle Supply 

Warriors Tackle Supply is a subscription service for fishing and tackle.

They put their tackle and bait through rigorous testing to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Each month, new additions will be introduced to their members.

In addition, other high-quality brands will be included in each box.

Berkley, Rapala, Strike King, Lucky Craft, Keitech, LunkerHunter, and others are just a few of the brands available.

Commission – 6% per sale

Cookie Duration – 45 days

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West Marine 

West Marine is the largest water sports retailer in the world.

They have approximately 85,000 products available online and in their 275 locations.

While they specialize in boating goods and accessories, they also have a huge variety of fishing rods, reels, clothes, and equipment.

They have a large average order size and good commission rates that vary by product category.

Commission – 10% per sale

Cookie Duration – 3 days

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Piscifun was founded in 2013 by two close friends who shared a love of fishing and spending time with their families.

They are committed to producing and designing high-quality fishing equipment at a reasonable price.

Piscifun comes from the Latin word pisci, which means “fishing makes people happy.”

They carry major fishing brands such as Abu Garcia, Pflueger, Berkley, Spiderwire, Mitchell, Penn, and more, in addition to their own line of fishing rods, reels, lines, and tools.

They provide free international shipping and quick delivery.

Commission – 13% – 16% per sale

Cookie Duration – 60 days

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Max Catch 

Maxcatch was founded in 2005 by Andrew An. 

It is a popular brand for fishing equipment like fly rods, fly reels, fishing kits, fly lines, backpacks, chest packs, hats and caps, t-shirts, and other items for fishermen and anglers.

They have grown over the last 13 years and design, develop and manufacture their products on their own which ensures the highest quality possible. 

Commission – 5% per sale

Cookie Duration – N/A

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Rapala is the biggest manufacturer of fishing lures and other fishing-related products for fishermen of all expertise levels in the world. 

They provide a huge selection of over 10,000 fishing equipment that appeal to all types of fishing, including freshwater, sea, and even ice fishing. 

They also provide a one-year warranty on all of their items, which helps to build a trustworthy relationship with their clients. 

Commission – 6% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Tackle Depot

Tackle Depot have something for everyone in the fishing niche.

They Provide free shipping on orders over $99.

It will be simple to attain this milestone for someone who is purchasing everything for the first time or upgrading a large portion of their collection. 

Tackle Depot provides a complete blog that is open to the public in addition to their high-quality products.

They cover everything from current fishing news to information, tips, and recommendations for all forms of fishing and equipment inside this section.

Commission – 2.5% – 5% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Boatsetter is a Florida-based boat rental company.

They have over 600 places to pick from right now.

They rent boats for a single day or for a week, depending on your needs. Boating vacations are taken for a variety of reasons, including fishing expeditions. 

With over 17,000 boats to select from, Boatsetter is the ideal destination for a relaxed weekend where you can focus only on your fishing while having fun on the water.

Commission – $30.00 per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Lucky Tackle Box

Lucky Tackle Box is a monthly subscription service dedicated exclusively to increasing your fishing productivity.

Members get a fresh box every four weeks, filled with baits, lures, and other treats that your finned buddies, hopefully, won’t be able to resist.

They want to make catching fish less of a gamble.

The monthly membership isn’t a grab-bag of tackle and gear, but rather an emphasis on baits, lures, and other items that can tempt a trout to swallow your hook. 

Lucky Tackle Box takes the art of hook baiting very seriously, using well-known, high-quality brands and experienced fisherman consultants.

Commission – $6.50 per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Final Thoughts

There you have the complete list of the best fishing affiliate programs in the market.

You can pick the one that suits you the best and promote it to your target audience via blogging, social media or paid ads.

Furthermore, if you are struggling to make money with affiliate marketing and want your affiliate links to get clicked then you can join this free affiliate marketing training which will help you to reach your goals as soon as possible 

Want more? No problem!

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