10 Best Golf Affiliate Programs of 2022

10 Best Golf Affiliate Programs of 2022

Golf is a sport that is played all over the world.

Not only are there casual gamers, but even professional golfers who play in the offseason to stay in their perfect shape.

Due to its popularity and related industry value, each year the game of golf attracts many new players as well as some old-timers trying to improve their skills on the course.

Golf affiliate programs have been created by many major brands for several years now which allows affiliates to promote these brands and advertise specific products like driver sets or putters.

Affiliates can promote through both paid advertising or organically and earn recurring revenue from product sales generated from the traffic they drive.

Therefore in this post, I am going to share the list of best affiliate programs with you guys. 

So without wasting anytime, let’s get started. 

Golf Gym 

Since 1987, GolfGym has been the “Leader In Golf Fitness.” 

They provide a large collection of High Quality, Lightweight, Portable, and Effective Golf Specific Fitness Products that are designed to increase flexibility, strength, and consistency with each club swing.

The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer Personal Edition is their flagship product.

It comes with a ProPerfect Training Grip with Personal Resistance PowerCord, a high-definition training DVD film, an instruction booklet, and a carry bag.

This is for the golfer who wants the best in golf-specific training and conditioning, both in and out of season. The DVD includes 23 distinct warm-up and training options. 

Commission – 20% per sale

Cookie Duration – 60 days

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Fairway Golf 

Fairway golf company was founded in 1991.

They Cater exclusively to the golfing community and provide the knowledge to assist you with every aspect of purchasing a new golf club.

Something you won’t find at mega sports stores or online retailers.

The website has one of the most comprehensive collections of golf clubs, apparel, and accessories available on the internet.

Aside from Japanese clubs, golf equipment sellers also offer completely customizable ones.

Commission – 6% per sale

Cookie Duration – 60 days

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Sunday Golf 

Golfers are constantly in search of the ideal golf bag to meet their needs and Sunday Golf is a golf brand that provides bags. 

The Sunday Golf Loma Bag is a small golf carrying bag that weighs less than 2 pounds, making it ideal for those on the go or with limited space. 

It also has plenty of storage space with two zippered compartments and three external pockets, which allows it to easily transport the golf clubs and equipment. 

Commission – 15% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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True Links Wear

True LinksWear is a golf shoe brand dedicated to making comfortable, adaptable, and modern golf shoes.

To provide the best possible product, every material is ethically sourced.

Their business approach reduces the expensive costs as you see with mega-brands and big-box shopping. 

They provide the highest quality products at lower prices to the customers.

Commission – 10% per sale

Cookie Duration – 60 days

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Bad Birdie 

Bad Birdie is a golf apparel brand founded by Jason. 

The brand created high-performance shirts that are anti-microbial, anti-odour, and have fun and exciting designs.

The shirt designs cover a wide range of unusual patterns that you wouldn’t expect to see on a polo shirt.

From flower patterns to dancing flamingos to the absurdity of blue-coloured leopard prints, there appears to be an unlimited variety of designs.

This isn’t the end of it.

The Cali collection, with triangles and palm trees, is a blend of retro-inspired prints, Aztec-inspired patterns, and even the Cali collection.

You can be confident that there is a pattern in Bad Birdie’s Golf Shirts line that will fit golfers’ style sensibilities while also allowing them to express themselves boldly.

Commission – 15% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Swing Man 

Swing Man is a collection of programs that was started in 2007 by Jaacob Bowden. 

These programs are aimed to help people who are having difficulty with their golf swing. 

Jaacob is a PGA professional, a professional tour golfer, and a speed golfer. 

He was an average-length golfer when he was younger but he dedicated his efforts to consider increasing his skills, eventually becoming a long drive champion. 

He was able to increase his swing speed by 37 mph in just 49 days with his fitness routine, which is an astonishing achievement.

He quickly rose through the ranks of the World Long Drive Championships, the Top 100 most popular teachers, and the world’s best swing speed training experts. 

All of these efforts led to the creation of the Swingman Golf program. 

Commission – 10% – 50% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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The Golf Warehouse 

The Golf Warehouse is a one-stop marketplace for golf enthusiasts. 

Clothing, shoes, kits, accessories, clubs, balls, electronics, and other products are available for purchase. Customers can also trade in their items to receive the greatest deals. 

The Golf Warehouse has a minimum of 40,000 different product variations, so you can recommend a wide choice of items to your readers.

Commission – 6.5% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Callaway Golf is a golf equipment company founded by Johnny Wunder. 

They appear to understand the needs of the common golfer.

Artificial Intelligence has been included in their new Mavrik club line to enable players to genuinely enjoy their golf game. 

Callaway golf clubs are designed for players of all handicap levels, but their greatest technology is for those who require both distance and forgiveness. 

Since the release of their Big Bertha products years ago, Callaway has been the favourite of the typical golfer.

The fact that you won’t have to spend an entire day on the range to learn how to hit these clubs properly is something many golfers love. 

Commission – 6% – 9% per sale

Cookie Duration – 45 days

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Bogner is a golf apparel brand founded by Andreas Baumg√§rtner in 1932. 

When Bernhard Langer helped in showcasing the collection at the Schwab Cup in Arizona, Bogner shot to the top of the Golfwear news.

Langer worked as a model on the side while his opponents were left to their own devices in Phoenix for the tournament.

He changed his clothes every day of the event – not many top athletes would agree to that in competition.

On the golf course, we’re helping to redefine style.

Commission – 8% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Loudmouth Golf

Loudmouth is a leading company in outrageous and entertaining apparel for men and women, founded in 2000 in Sonoma, California designed by Woody. 

Loudmouth’s vibrant colours and bold patterns can be found on pants, shorts, shirts, skirts, jackets, belts, ski pants, and more. 

Loudmouth offers personalized customer service and high-quality clothing that customers like wearing.

Many athletes, including PGA golfer John Daly and LPGA golfer Amelia Lewis, as well as PGA golfers Robert Gamez and Kurt Barnes, the Norwegian Men’s Curling Team, the Vancouver Winter Olympic Silver Medalists, and professional extreme snowboarder Martin Gallant, wear Loudmouth.

Commission – n/a

Cookie Duration – n/a

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Final Thoughts

Now you have the list of best golf affiliate programs in the market. You can pick the one that suits your audience interest the most. And whenever you feel like you are running out of golf affiliate programs in the future then you can come back to this blog post anytime. 

In future, I will be adding more affiliate programs therefore you should keep an eye on the above list. 

Also, if you want to take your affiliate marketing earnings to the next level then you can join this affiliate marketing training completely for free. 

Want more? No problem!

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