How To Do Affiliate Marketing on Snapchat

How To Do Affiliate Marketing on Snapchat

If you’ve been wondering how to make money with Snapchat, it’s time to stop wondering.

The best way to monetize your account is by doing affiliate marketing on Snapchat.

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote products or services of other brands that are in the same industry as yours without having any inventory yourself.

Follow these 6 steps for success!

Create a Snapchat account

Step one is creating a new account. You can create an unlimited amount of accounts, but you will only want to use one for your business endeavors. 

Add your affiliate link to the bio section of your profile

Once your Snapchat profile has been created, add your affiliate link to the bio section of your Snapchat page located in the top left-hand corner above your Snapcode.

Follow other brands on Snapchat that are in the same industry as you

Follow other brands that are in the same industry as you. As long as they’re not your competitor, it doesn’t matter who you follow because you won’t be sending any sponsored snaps or using their products yourself. However, if another brand’s content isn’t relevant to your audience, you’ll want to unfollow them.

Share content from those brands with your followers, making sure to include their name and link

Share content from those brands with your followers that include their name and link within the caption of a snap or story post. Make sure all sponsored snaps always use an @username so they’re easy for users to locate and engage with.

Interact with people who follow you by liking or commenting on their posts 

Start interacting with people who follow you by liking or commenting on their posts. When users see your username pop up next to a like, they’ll be more inclined to check out your profile and potentially engage back with you as well.

Send snaps 

Send snaps back-and-forth with friends when they have something interesting to say about what you’re promoting

Allow your followers the opportunity to tag their friends in a story or mention them via chat (if using iOS) and encourage them to show off your product or service to their friends.

Reasons To Use Snapchat For Affiliate Marketing?

  • Snapchat has Over 306 Million Active Snapchat Users. 
  • 90% of all 13-24 year olds in the United States use Snapchat.
  • 63% of Snapchat users use the app on a daily basis.
  • The Swipe-Up Rate on Snapchat is 5x that of normal social media click-through rates.
  • Snapchat video ads generate twice as much purchase intent as other ad formats.
  • Snapchat users spend 25-30 minutes every day on average using the app.
  • Every minute, 2.1 million snaps are sent.
  • Snapchat is the 13th most popular social media site in the world.
  • Snapchat is used by 64% of marketers.
  • Snapchat ads spent $90 million in 2016.

All of these facts together show how powerful snapchat is for your affiliate marketing business. 


Can I do Affiliate Marketing On Snapchat? 

Yes, you can. Snapchat allows you to insert direct affiliate links within your posts and it is one of the great platforms to leverage for affiliate marketing. 

Can You Get Sponsored On Snapchat? 

Yes, snachat pays their creators. According to Snap, approximately $130 million has been paid out to creators so far. 

They made an announcement at snap partner summit in 2021 that “Snapchatters are continually rewarded for their creations, and anyone can earn from the millions per month we offer to those who make top videos,” said Reesha Sodha, head of product marketing for creator platform.

Final Thoughts

To get the most out of your Snapchat account, you should follow other brands who are in the same industry as you.

Share their content with your followers and interact with them to create a sense of community on this platform.

You can also use Snapchat for business by creating an affiliate link in your bio section so that people know how they can buy what you’re promoting.

If you want more tips about marketing on social media platforms, contact us today!

We would be happy to help develop a plan that will allow you to leverage these channels effectively without spending all day posting individual posts or messages.

Want more? No problem!

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