CJ Affiliate Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

CJ Affiliate Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

If you are an affiliate marketer you probably have heard about CJ affiliate earlier known as Commission Junction. 

But you are still confused whether you should become an affiliate on their site or not? 

So you have come to the right place. In this post I am going to reveal what commission junction is, how it works, how to sign up, payment methods, thresholds and more. 

Let’s get started.

What Is a Commission Junction? 

Commission Junction Affiliate (CJ Affiliate) is a major online advertising network that specialises in pay-for-performance programs that produce results for businesses all over the world. It was founded in 1998 and is owned by Publicis Groupe, a global affiliate marketing company.

Every day, the CJ Network facilitates effective collaborations between advertisers and publishers, allowing them to reach and interact with millions of online customers.


Cj offers one of the largest groups of publishers eager to market products via affiliate partnerships. Large publishers such as CNN, Time Kipling, Dig, BuzzFeed, Wire Cutter, Loyalty One, and others are among them. They also have a number of smaller companies. As a result, when an advertisement publisher creates an account on cj, their products and services have the potential to be marketed to a large audience. Once you become a cj. com advertiser, your company will be listed in the directory, where publishers can read your terms of service, what you have to offer their audience, and what payment terms you have to offer. 


As a publisher, you’ll be able to market a variety of well-known businesses. You may choose from a variety of ads on cj.com to get the one that best fits your industry. Brands like overstock, priceline, office depot are listed on cj affiliate. 

Experience the network effect with CJ to increase sales and broaden your reach.

CJ Affiliate is a division of the Publicis Media Groupe, one of the world’s leading communications enterprises, and is part of the Publicis Media media vertical.

They gain access to premium data as a result of this, providing it an advantage over some of its key competitors in the area.

The organisation strives to provide new solutions to its clients, resulting in improved outcomes. The company has received multiple awards for this, including a spot on Forbes’ “Top 200 Growth Champions” and “Top 25 Fast Tech” lists in 2017.

How To Sign Up?

Step 1: Go to their website and click on the Publisher Sign Up link. As shown in the picture below. 

cj publisher sign up

Step 2 : Fill in the information required in the form.

commission junction sign up

Step 3: Verify your email address. 

Step 4: Read and accept the terms policy of the Cj affiliate program.

cj publisher agreement

Step 5 : Complete your account information and activate your account.

cj onboarding checklists & guides

How Does It Work? 

CJ Affiliate attracts both advertisers and publishers to its platforms in order to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Some of the world’s most well-known brands, such as Lowe’s, IHG, GoPro, Office Depot, and others, have signed up for CJ Affiliates, giving you access to some premium programmes in exchange for your published work. The following are some of the most common types of advertisers who have joined Commission Junction:

  • Accessories
  • Art/Photo/Music
  • Automotive
  • Beauty
  • Books/Media
  • Business
  • Buying and Selling
  • Careers
  • Clothing/Apparel
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Financial Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Marketing
  • Online Services

And more. 

How To Find Affiliate offers?

First login in to your account and click on “advertisers” on the top menu bar as shown in the picture below.

how to find affiliate offers on cj

Here you can see a lot of affiliate programs that are available.

You can search for the advertiser by their name. Also you can filter by categories, serviceable area, language, advertiser country, geographic source and currency. With a variety of filter options you can easily find an affiliate program that suits your niche the best. 

filter by category

After you have selected your affiliate program, you need to apply for the program by clicking on ‘apply to program’ as shown in the image below.

Furthermore you can find out profitable affiliate program with the help of filtering option of 7 day EPC, 3 month EPC and Network earnings.

filter by epc

What Type of Products CJ Offers? 

Commission Junction lists thousands of digital and physical product affiliate programs. Digital Marketers prefer it for digital products. 

The three main types of cj affiliate products are:

Pay Per Sale: You will get paid when you drive any sales. 

Pay Per Lead: When you refer leads, you get paid. 

Pay Per Call: When you produce phone calls, you get paid. 

Payment Method

Commission Junction exclusively accepts Direct Bank Deposits and Payoneer as payment methods. 

Affiliates from a select group of countries can make direct deposits. Payoneer can be used to make foreign payments if you are not qualified for bank deposits. 

CJ used to accept checks as well, but that service was phased off in October 2020. It also does not accept payments via PayPal or credit card. 

You must first submit your tax documents and company information to complete your bank details on CJ. 

After that, go to the Payments page from the onboarding list and enter your bank information.

Payment Threshold

The minimum payment amount for CJ affiliates is $50, with a maximum withdrawal value of $1000. 

If you want to withdraw more than $1000, you’ll have to request repeated withdrawals. 

When it comes to payment, you’ll get paid 20 days after the month in which you make a transaction. This means that if you sell a product in January, you’ll be paid on February 20th.


Affiliate customer insights 

This tool provides performance data for both customers and publishers, which you can use to measure marketing effects and compare them to other channels and campaigns you’re executing right now.

Find Publishers

It allows you to search your publisher’s archive using various filters and criteria, allowing you to identify publishers who fit specific program terms, status, or groupings.

Product Widgets 

This site’s personalised product widgets are one feature you’ll always appreciate. You’ll be able to choose from a range of widgets, including slideshows, collages, and grids. Typically, customization will pass the correct information in a more legible and easier-to-read manner. Improving your conversion will be a breeze if you do it this way.

Bulk Upload

If you have all of your text links available in a.csv file, you can upload them all at once.

Create Affiliate links

Create interesting marketing materials including banners, flash animations, text links, and product catalogues with this capability. These links and resources are used by publishers selling your products.

Mobile Solutions

Having a mobile-friendly package is obviously important for tracking, testing, and optimising their mobile conversion. This will allow you to keep track of potential consumers’ preferences while on the go, making it easy to optimise for the most appropriate audience. 

Most of the time, this mobile package will allow you to track your potential customers’ app engagements, app downloads, and mobile web actions, all of which can help you improve your conversion rate.

Deep Linking 

This is a useful feature because it allows you to offer long tail connections to your publishers. Instead of referring to your homepage, they can link straight to a single product page or service you provide. This is critical since visitors may be directed to more relevant pages that they are interested in. This dramatically enhances the likelihood that users who click on that link will spend time on your site and eventually make a purchase.

Link Scheduling

You can define a timeframe for when your links or promotions will be active and/or schedule it. This is particularly handy when dealing with seasonal products.

Real-time Transaction Monitoring

All transactions on this network are recorded in real time, and you can keep track of what’s going on through your account.

Report Options 

This tool offers a variety of reports that you may use to fine-tune your marketing efforts and monitor results.

Product Catalog Data-feed 

This function is typically used by large corporations with thousands of products for sale. It enables merchants to instantly upload information for all of their products using only one file. This information can then be used by publishers to further sell products and create leads.

APIs/Web Services

This feature may be required by more experienced users. It allows you to further tailor your affiliate marketing program as a merchant by building a customised sign up page for publishers, giving publishers access to bespoke tools you and your team have built, and so on.

Do I Recommend It? 

Yes, I do recommend Cj affiliate. The diversity and quality of advertisers who utilise Commission Junction are two of the main reasons why publishers rush to it when they want to get into affiliate marketing. The sign-up and application processes are straightforward, and you can take advantage of some of the company’s solutions to increase revenue, such as product widgets and Deep Link Automation. They provides comprehensive statistics and tracking choices to its consumers, as well.


Is Cj Affiliate Free? 

Publishers can use CJ for free, but advertisers must contact sales to calculate the cost because there are so many factors.

Is There Any Additional Training Provided by CJ?” 

Yes, there is a CJ University that offers live events and workshops to give affiliate networking education. More information can be found here 

Is Commission Junction Legit? 

Yes, commission junction is a 100% legit company. But you need to be careful while choosing the advertisers. Make sure you are picking the reputed brands with clean backgrounds. Also read the terms and conditions carefully while applying for affiliate programs. 

Final Thoughts

Overall CJ affiliate is one of the best affiliate networks out there. You can sign up as a publisher on their website without any doubt. There is no fee for affiliate sign up. What I like about CJ affiliate is that there are lots of big brands available on their network and they are in the market for a long time. It shows how legitimate this company is. Now it’s totally up to you whether you want to become an affiliate or not. 

Also if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing then you can join this free affiliate marketing training that has helped me and I think it will do the same for you. 

Want more? No problem!

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