8 Best Jobs Affiliate Programs of 2022

8 Best Jobs Affiliate Programs of 2022

Are you looking for job opportunities?

Are you an affiliate marketer that wants to make money online by promoting products of companies?

Well, this post is just for you.

Job is everything which provides us food and shelter.

This is related with our entire life.

Different type of jobs has different advantages . Everyone wants to earn money, after all this is the main thing that will keep you and your family alive.

You’ll be able to see the list of best affiliate programs below and advantages or opportunities that offer these programs.

Job Ready Programmer 

Job Ready Programmer is an online programming school that teaches students from all sorts of backgrounds how to become proficient, job-ready software developers by using real-world programming courses.

According to the company’s website, it was developed by Imtiaz, an Udemy teacher with expertise in big data technology and corporate software designs.

Job Ready Programmer School traditionally teaches coding.

By progressing slowly and patiently through the lectures and frequently repeating essential topics in many ways, students will be able to reinforce their knowledge and build a solid foundation to learn how to code properly. 

The Instructor commits to the philosophy of “no student left behind.”

This implies that he begins with the most fundamental notions.

As a result, there are no prerequisites for taking the courses.

Commission – 10% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Juju is a job search engine that gives users quick access to jobs from thousands of employer websites and job boards all over the internet, as well as features that make it easier to discover the jobs they want.

Rather than a limited collection of job postings posted directly on their own site, Juju’s extensive search results from links to millions of jobs located on thousands of employer career portals, recruiter websites, job boards, and other employment sites all over the Internet. 

Employers, recruiting and staffing organisations and job boards can use Juju’s revolutionary pay-per-click recruitment advertising solutions to enhance quality candidate flow and minimise recruiting costs.

Commission – n/a

Cookie Duration – n/a

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Indeed is a job search engine based in the United States that was started in November 2004. 

It is a subsidiary of Recruit Co. Ltd. of Japan, with offices in Austin, Texas and Stamford, Connecticut, as well as other locations around the world. 

The service collects job postings from tens of thousands of websites, including job boards, staffing firms, trade associations, and corporate career pages. 

They make money by selling employers and companies hiring premium job postings and resume features. 

Indeed now allows job seekers to apply to jobs directly on the site, as well as publish and store resumes. 

It is available in over 60 countries and 28 languages at the moment.

Commission – n/a

Cookie Duration – n/a

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Career Jet 

Since 2001, CareerJet has gathered over 40 million job listings in one location, scanning over 70,000 websites every day.

They chose CareerJet as the best overall site for international employment since it allows users to search for open positions in over 90 countries at various levels and industries. 

Users can search for jobs on CareerJet using keywords, titles, companies, and locations.

They can use more advanced filters for titles, contract length, hours, and firm names once they have started looking.

Also discover positions in various areas, including communications, banking, media, healthcare, and technology, for people of all levels of expertise. 

Commission – 20% per sale

Cookie Duration – 15 days

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Teach Away 

Teach Away has a range of overseas teaching positions available with English-speaking educational organisations, public and private institutions.

It is a global leader in international teacher recruiting, was founded in 2003 to place the brightest educators in the world’s leading educational institutions. 

Teach Away’s mission as an international teacher recruiting organisation is to create a world where every student has the opportunity to experience the power of a great teacher and fulfil their full potential right away.

Teachers are challenged to excite, inspire, and encourage students in this setting.

They play a significant role in improving the world by bringing together brilliant teachers and innovative schools all across the world.

Commission – 15% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Appcast is a recruitment software solution that searches over 10,000 job boards, professional websites, speciality online forums, and social media sites for passive and active job seekers.

The tool saves money for businesses by reducing the amount of time and money spent on ineffective applicants.

Finally, this HR recruitment software tool assists businesses in taking advantage of massive internet job exchanges while reducing advertising costs.

Appcast’s access to job ad exchanges is one of its most appealing advantages.

Businesses can utilise Appcast to promote on multiple platforms at once, rather than manually subscribing, posting, and managing each major exchange. 

Commission – n/a

Cookie Duration – n/a

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360 Training 

With over 6,000 courses, 360 training is the world’s top online job training course supplier.

They are the finest choice for users career because they have over 4 million learners. 

Project management, engineering, and customer service are just a few of the topics covered in 360 Training courses.

An expert team of trainers, authors, and subject matter experts designed the courses.

They provide thorough content as well as experienced training to assist users in the development. 

From executive-level overviews to individual progress tracking, customers can generate any report they need.

Commission – 15% per sale

Cookie Duration – 60 days

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Resume Spice 

Resume Spice strives to help job searchers by producing a well-written CV that will increase their chances of landing a job, and it succeeds. 

ResumeSpice.com’s founder has created a career service and coaching platform to help job searchers acquire confidence while applying for a job they want. 

A group began as a recruiting agency that has effectively connected good employees with organisations who are looking for them.

They’ve helped hundreds of job searchers find their dream careers, and in the process, they’ve changed their lives. 

They attracted job searchers who wanted to work for them, but because the company is small, they can only accept a limited number of candidates.

However, the service quality is still quite good.

Commission – 10% per sale

Cookie Duration – 15 days

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Final Thoughts

There you have the list of best jobs affiliate programs in the market.

You can simply sign up for the above programs, grab your affiliate link and earn passive income from it.

But if you are struggling to make money with affiliate marketing then you can join this free affiliate marketing training which will help you achieve the goals you want.

Want more? No problem!

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