6 Best Food Affiliate Programs of 2022

6 Best Food Affiliate Programs of 2022

Food is the most important thing in a person’s life. 

Everyone has to eat food, but due to growing population problems, lots of people are now starving and malnourished.

For them, it is really hard to get the right food.

In addition, Every company wants to attract as many customers as possible. This also applies to food companies.

The more sales, the more products are sold and therefore the better it goes for them.

Nowadays there is a huge boom in affiliate marketing because of this increasing target audience, who spend most of their time on social media platforms and read blog posts like this one.

So let’s have a look at the 6 best food affiliate programs that will be popular in 2022.

Food Huggers

Food Huggers are a new product that wraps (hugs) leftover fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh until they’re needed again.

You will waste less food by using these instead of plastic film, tin foil, or plastic bags, and you will produce less garbage that will wind up in landfills. 

Food Huggers was founded by Michelle Ivankovic and Adrienne McNicholas on Kickstarter over a year ago. 

Over 5,400 people participated in the campaign, which raised more than $183,497 in just 30 days!

Food Huggers come in four different sizes to provide a comfortable fit.

It’s as simple as wrapping it around the leftover and putting it away.

They’re constructed of FDA-approved silicone that’s free of BPA and phthalates, and they’re dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

Commission – 15% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Breakfast is frequently referred to as the most important meal of the day. While this may or may not be true, it is frequently the meal that is skipped when life becomes stressful. 

After noticing this trend, Christophe Contant and Samuel Turgeon Scofy set out to design a comprehensive breakfast choice for busy people that could be made in a fraction of the time it takes to prepare a conventional meal. 

This led the two to form HOLOS, a new start-up that will launch in a few months and will specialise in quick and healthy breakfast dishes. Their unique ‘packets’ are created entirely of organic materials and contain all of the required nutrients. Customers may also make their meals in less than 30 minutes thanks to the distinctive packaging.

Commission – 10% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Mosaic is a plant-centric meal subscription service that delivers healthful, ready-to-heat meals to your door. 

They start with farm-fresh vegetables grown close to their kitchen in the Hudson Valley of New York. 

Their master chefs hand-chop, peel, and dice their ingredients before seasoning, roasting, and sautéing them.

The end product is tasty, filling, and nutritious meals that are delivered to your door. 

They ship all of their meals frozen to seal in nutrients and keep them fresh for as long as possible on their journey to their client’s homes. 

They never use artificial additives or preservatives, and their food is all-natural. 

In addition, their packaging is 100 per cent recyclable, and for every box sold, they partner with the non-profit City Harvest to save 2 pounds of healthy food and distribute it to hungry New Yorkers.

As a result, every Mosaic meal you consume is a win-win-win situation.

Commission – $15 per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Yishi Foods 

For your morning rituals, Yishi creates Asian-inspired oatmeal. Their oatmeals are organic, vegan, gluten-free, high in protein and fibre, and have no added sugar. 

Taro Bubble Tea, Matcha Latte, Toasted Black Sesame, Red Bean Berry, and Sweet Osmanthus are some of the Asian-inspired flavours. The oatmeal cups provide different flavour experiences than the standard maple sugar and apple cinnamon types, but they’re packed with nutritional components like gluten-free oats, flax seeds, hemp seeds and almonds. 

Each of the single-serve oatmeal cups is not only tasty but also useful, as each one is associated with a particular health benefit. The Sweet Osmanthus variety, which contains soybeans and turmeric, will appeal to those seeking peace, while the Red Bean Berry flavour, which has adzuki beans, jujube dates, beetroot, goji berries, and cherries, will appeal to those seeking brightness. 

Yishi oats transform any meal or snack into a time of pure, unsullied reflectional sustenance, inspired by our founder’s Chinese origin and love of Chinese food. This porridge helps you glow, focus, energise and relax from the inside out by using significant nutrients that promote healthy, useful functions.

Commission – 10% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Nuts.com is just what it says: an online retailer of all types of nuts, from peanuts, pistachios, pecans, and pine nuts to cashews, almonds, and filberts, in salted, unsalted, and organic variations.

The Newark Nut Company, founded by “Poppy” Sol Braverman in 1929, has grown from a booth in Newark’s Mulberry Street market to a thriving site that sells over 2,000 goods and has yearly sales of over $20 million.

With the slogan “We’re more than just nuts,” the firm has been designated one of the “Top Tastes of New Jersey” and has been featured on “Rachel Ray.”

It also sells dried fruit, snacks, chocolate, coffee, and tea. 

Commission – 8% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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KFC is a globally recognised chicken restaurant chain with a long history of success and innovation.

Colonel Harland Sanders, a cook, came up with a finger-lickin’ excellent recipe—a list of 11 secret herbs and spices scrawled out on the back of his kitchen door—more than 75 years ago.

In more than 25,000 restaurants in more than 145 countries and territories throughout the world, they still follow his formula for success, with actual cooks breading and freshly preparing delicious chicken by hand. 

Colonel Sanders was a natural-born inventor who developed KFC on ideals such as hard labour, hospitality, and generosity, all of which are still prominent in the KFC brand today.

They believe in creating chicken the correct way, which means using high-quality ingredients and hand-preparing it every day.

They also cordially invite everyone to join them at their table. KFC treats everyone with generosity and likes family, from their more than 800,000 Team Members to guests throughout the world.

Commission – n/a

Cookie Duration – n/a

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Final Thoughts 

In affiliate marketing, affiliating with food products is a great way to make money.

For example, one of my sites makes over $700 a month off of one coffee product that I created an affiliate link for.

However, it’s not just coffee. eBooks and physical products like books can also be really profitable if you know how to properly market them. 

You can also implement the same strategy and create your first food-related blog where you can promote these products and earn huge commissions on autopilot. 

Want more? No problem!

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