16 Fool-Proof Ways To Increase Online Sales – Guaranteed!

16 Fool-Proof Ways To Increase Online Sales – Guaranteed!

Increasing online sales is the primary goal of each and every online business. 

But if you are struggling to boost sales online. 

Then you have come to the right place. 

Today In this post I am going to share 16 best ways to boost sales online that you can also implement right away. 

Let’s get started

Use SalesFunnel

Sales funnels are basically a journey that customers go through online before making any purchase. 

It’s a step by step procedure where you grab your customer’s attention, tell them your story and showcase your offer. 

Using funnels can drastically boost your sales online. 

One of the most popular digital marketer Russell Brunson has used the same strategy and he has grown his company Clickfunnels to a multi millionaire company. 

If he is using it then why not you? 

There are lots of sales funnel tools online that you can have a look at and choose one that fits in your budget. 

Some examples are clickfunnels, builderall, instapage, keap etc. 

Improve Your Copywriting 

There are lots of chances that you are not getting online sales because of bad copywriting.

When someone comes to your landing page and sees a crappy sales message.

They will obviously bounce back and never come back to you. 

You need to create killer content that grabs your audience’s attention. For that you need to first know your buyer’s persona. You need to know everything about your target audience. Do some research to see what their problems are and how you can solve it. 

Then create contents that resonate with your audience interests and translate your message on a personal basis. 

They should feel that you really care about their problem and you have something that can help them resolve it. 

And if you are really bad at copyrighting then you can hire someone to do this work for you. 

Be Clear And Precise 

Make sure your marketing message is easy to understand and people are not struggling in reading your message. 

You need to make it as clear as possible. 

You can see an example of Apple. It’s a leading mobile phone brand in the world. Their marketing messages are so precise and clear. 

All-new Lightning connector. Smaller. Smarter. Durable. Reversible.

You can see how they use clear words to deliver direct benefits of the product that they are offering. 

So try to use short and clear sentences in your marketing strategy. 

Use Attractive Creatives 

Use high quality images and videos of your product to attract customers. 

It aids a trust factor because your audience will know you care about their user experience. It will help you increase your online sales.

Also, according to the report, 60% of United  States online shoppers need to see at least 3 to 4 product images before making any purchase. 

Follow Up With Email 

Email Marketing is the great digital marketing tool that helps to send direct messages to your email subscribers. Whenever someone comes on your landing page, try to grab their email address. 

You can message these people whenever you want 24/7. It’s a cost effective technique to grow your online business. 

Whenever you spend $1 on emails, you can expect an average return of $42

There is a lot of potential in email marketing. Also when someone abandons the cart, you can send follow up emails to them. 

Sending three abandon carts emails, results in 69% more orders. 

Provide Money Back Guarantee 

Money Back guarantee is a very old technique to boost online sales but it still works wonders. 

It removes the barrier to make a purchase. The customers become more comfortable in buying the product because the risk of losing their money if the product does not meet their expectations is gone. 

Here’s an example of a purple company who tells their customer’s “Sleep on your Purple Bed for 100 nights. If you don’t love your mattress, we’ll pick it up and refund your money.”

It’s an effective marketing strategy to increase sales online because the product cost of a mattress is $699 to $1299. It’s a high ticket product so people are hesitant whether it will satisfy their needs or not? 

So providing the money back after testing the quality of the product is a very clever strategy. 

Use Testimonials 

You can use testimonials on your website to showcase the review of your products that have been used by real people.

It convinces your audience to become a customer. 

A pro tip to use testimonials is that you should show faces in your testimonials.

It catches your audience’s attention and increases your click through rate. 

Also you should showcase the one that describes the benefits of products and how it can resolve a problem. 

Improve Your Website Speed 

Website speed loading is an important factor in improving user experience. 

The pages who’s loading time is low results in high bounce rates and low conversions. 

This is the reason you should always make sure that your website loads fast. 

You should identify the reason behind why your website is loading slowly and resolve it. 

Offer Free Trial 

When you offer a free trial of your product it creates a win-win situation for you and your customers. You can actually showcase what your product has to offer and its quality. 

It helps in boosting sales because if someone takes the free trial and loves your product then they will become a paying customer. 

You just have to meet the expectations of your audience. 

Retarget Audience 

Retargeting ads are a highly effective strategy to increase your sales. 

It’s a strategy where you target those individuals who came to your website but didn’t take any action. 

These individuals showed an initial interest in your product and are more likely to make a purchase rather than someone who didn’t even know your website. 

According to the reports only 2% of the people are likely to convert into customers who land on your page for the first time. 

Which means 98 out of 100 people are bouncing back from your website. 

And about 26% of people will likely convert who are retargeted. 

You will be losing a lot of potential earnings if you are not utilising retargeting campaigns. 

Provide Bonuses 

People love freebies. Whenever a person makes an online purchase they want to find a great deal where they can get more out of their money. 

Giving away bonuses along with the product results in higher sales. 

It pushes people to make a purchase.You can see the example of Hostinger. It is a hosting service provider. These guys are offering a free domain for 1 year along with the hosting plan. 

People tend to buy more because they are getting something valuable for free. So try to implement the same marketing strategy and see the difference. 

Create Social Media Presence 

It’s important to have a social media presence apart from your online store.

Because you can connect with your potential audience on a personal basis. 

Most of the people check the social media accounts of the website before making any purchase.

It helps in aiding the trust factor.

In your social media accounts you can share industry knowledge, showcase your brand identity, interests etc. 

All of these things help in increasing traffic and boosting your online sales.

You can even grow your business to the next level. 

Split Test 

Split testing is a technique where you test two versions of a website page and compare which performs the best to increase sales. 

You can split test the heading, call to actions, body content, image and see which one is performing better. 

Keep in mind you can only make one change at a time. 

For example you can only change headlines at a time and test which headline is working the best. 

Therefore you have to perform multiple tests in order to see the winner page. 

Connect Emotionally With Your Audience

Most of the business owners forget that they are working with humans not robots. 

It’s all about building relationships and emotional connection with your audience. 

Your marketing message must deliver an emotional connection. 

If you want loyal customers for a lifetime you need to build content that pinpoints customers problems. 

You need to create a story that your audience will resonate with and find you as an expert. 

It’s a continuous process, so you should keep an editorial calendar and stick with it. 

Create Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program

When you create your own affiliate program, you pay a commission to your affiliates when they complete an desired action. 

The action can be generating leads, clicks or purchase. 

It’s a cost effective marketing technique where people are eager to promote your product in exchange for a commission.

It’s a win-win situation for both of you and your affiliate because you only pay your affiliate when they complete the desired action like purchase and your affiliate can make money while promoting others products without owing any. 

Optimize Landing Page For Mobile

You should optimize your website for mobile meaning the website should display correctly on mobile devices.

More than half of the traffic comes from mobile devices nowadays. Therefore it’s an important factor in increasing sales. 

User’s struggle to navigate the website if it’s not mobile friendly and your bounce rate increases. 

You can lose a lot of sales because of this reason. 

Final Thoughts

You have covered a lot of ways to increase your online sales. Most of the techniques focus on improving user experience. It’s all about satisfying customers’ needs. Try all of the methods and stick with the one that works best for your website. 

Which way are you going to utilize in your marketing strategy? 

Want more? No problem!

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