22 Productivity Tips Only the Pros Know

22 Productivity Tips Only the Pros Know

Do you want to be more productive? 

Yes, we all do want to but due to lack of planning and effectiveness we go out of the track. 

We waste a lot of time during our day that we don’t even know the actual reason behind it. 

However by simply making a little bit of changes to our habits in our day to day life. We can achieve the highest point of being productive. 

So I am going to share some great and simple productivity tips that you can implement right away. 

Do Not Try Multitasking

When you try to do 2 things at a time. You end up doing nothing.

Yes, it’s my personal experience. I always tried to do multiple tasks thinking it would help me to complete my work on time.

But what happens is that it will take more time than normal.

Because my mind gets confused and I end up exhausted.

So you should declutter your mind from distractions and focus only on one thing at a time.

You will release that it’s the best way to be productive. 

Take Short Breaks

When you are doing something important and sitting on the desk for multiple hours.

Your back will hurt, feel tired and sleepy.

Then the best thing to avoid is to take a short break. 

Give yourself some time to pamper yourself like drinking some water or your tea.

Take some fresh air. But keep in mind that it’s a SHORT break not a long hour break. 

Make a Schedule For Yourself 

Take a pen and paper and create a schedule for yourself before going to bed.

Or you can simply note down the things on your mobile phone and set a reminder.

This way you are preparing yourself for the next day to make sure you are not missing out on any important work that you have to complete.

The mobile reminder will help you to remember it. 

Do Not Touch Your Mobile Phone While Working 

Mobile phones are the number one distraction tool.

It will easily distract you when you get some notifications.

Keep your phone on do not disturb mode and keep a setting on your phone that you will receive calls from important people in your life.

For example if someone is calling you in some urgency then you need to pick up that call and you know who that person is in your life. It can be your mom, dad, sister, brother, wife or boss etc. 

Eat Healthy Food 

In order to be more productive, your body comes first. 

You need to make sure that your system is working right. 

Eat healthy food which makes you feel more energetic. 

Do not munch on junk foods because these foods are only good in taste but very bad for your health. 

Try To Keep Your Mind Stress Free. 

One of the biggest enemies of productivity is a stressed mind.

If  your mind is somewhere else and you are trying to do very important work.

Then you will start getting frustrated. 

You need to promise yourself that you can do it and no one can come in between your success.

Yes, we all work to achieve success in our life. 

And there are lots of things that can make you feel stressed.

Just make sure you are loving yourself and whenever you feel like this then simply focus on your breathing. 

Think About Your Goals

Whenever you feel like giving up, think about the goals. 

Why did you start working in the first place? 

What will you achieve from this? 

This way you will release that it’s just a bad day, not the end. 

If you want some rest then you can always take it but the people who give up in the process will never achieve anything in their life but those you keep going will always receive fruitful rewards. 

Hire Someone To Do Mundane Tasks

There are lots of tasks that can be done by your assistant and you never have to worry about it.

For example, writing, editing, creating videos, emailing etc. 

So if you have the budget to delegate your work. 

Then definitely hire a freelancer that can work for you, according to your requirements. 

You can then focus on more important work and become more productive. 

Drop The Noncompliance Work And Pick Another One 

If there is work that you are unable to complete and it’s consuming a lot of your time.

Then keep that work aside for some time and start doing other work. 

This way your mind will freshen up and when you take that work again you will come up with new ideas that can resolve your issue. 

Do Your Most Important Tasks First

No matter if you do your important work first or last, you have to complete it anyhow. 

But what if you already completed the most important work first and set yourself free. 

It’s a great technique to become productive because you can then move to the next step without worrying about it again. 

Stay Focused And Finish It

Once you have started a work, then always make sure you are focused on it and complete it. 

There are lots of distractions that can come your way.

These things are useless and you can really waste a lot of time with them.

So try to stay focused and do not allow any unnecessary interruptions come your way. 

Also complete what you have started. 

Wake Up Early In The Morning And Start Working 

According to a study, people tend to do more after waking up in the morning.

You can also apply this strategy. 

I personally applied it and it helps me to feel energetic and focused then before. 

Sleep 8 Hours a Day

If you want to increase your productivity then promise yourself to get a good 8 hours sleep.

Sleeping helps our body to release stress, boost your immune system, strengthen your heart, improve memory etc.

It’s a basic human need that we all should accomplish. 

Some people try to skip their sleep in order to do more but it does the opposite. 

Do not do that to yourself! 

Go Out In Nature

You may not have noticed when you go outside in nature and take that deep breath. 

It releases the stress and tension, making you feel more energised and productive. 

There are lots of apps developed that produce natural calming sounds. That you can also give it a try. 

Always Be On Time 

Being disciplined about your timing is the biggest productivity factor.

We all may have heard that time is money and should never waste it. 

For example If you have a meeting at 8:00 Am then make sure you are there at that time. 

Through all of your laziness in the dustbin and get started. 

Be Clear What You Want

Some people start working without even knowing the actual goal of their life.

They do their job from 9 to 5 but never think about what is the actual goal of their life. 

What do they want to become? 

For example, a girl started working from an early age to become a famous actress performing at the big screen, a student is working towards getting that degree to become a doctor etc. 

Are you working for yourself or are you working for your boss’ company?

Can this job help you achieve your actual goal? 

You know the answer. 

Take a decision and start being productive in the right direction. 

Automate Your Work

Automating your work is really efficient in being productive. 

There is lots of work that you can automate in a few clicks. 

It depends on the work that needs to be done for example scheduling a post on your social media account, sending emails etc. 

You can use a lot of apps that are made just for doing these tasks.

Do some research and you will find the one that you need the most. 

Treat Yourself 

Set some tasks that need to be done and once they are done you will treat yourself with something that you love. 

For example, I promise myself to treat myself with a chocolate when I complete this. 

It can be anything that you enjoy.

This technique is really useful in being productive.

We all are humans and we love small bonuses to stay motivated. 

Love What You Are Doing

You should always love what you are doing until or unless you do not have a choice. 

But we all do have choices in our life.

We choose one thing over the other because that one thing is more important. 

One of the benefits of doing the thing that you love is that you will never feel exhausted when you are working on it and be more productive towards it. 

You will not even know that you are working simply because you love it. 

Use Templates 

If you are sending the same type of email again and again, writing from scratch.

Then simply you can use email templates that can cut off a lot of work and time for you. 

It will help to speed up the task.

It’s smart work not hard work. 

Wear Same Type Of Cloth

I was watching a video of Mark Zuckerberg talking about what he does all day. 

So one tip I got is that he wears the same grey t-shirt and jeans on all days of the week.

Because it helps him to cut off the time and move to the next task easily without consuming much energy in deciding what I am going to wear today. 

It helps him to be on time and productive. 

I guess you should also apply the same strategy and see the difference. 

Create Short Deadlines

We become more productive when we know till this time I have to complete this work no matter what. 

Because not having a deadline for any work will lead to time wastage. 

For example when I was a student and when the exam time came. We got 3 days of holidays to prepare for the examination but I never studied on the first 2 days, I completely wasted the time enjoying stupid things and on the last day I studied which resulted in bad grades. 

I guess this thing has happened to a lot of people and you know this situation. 

So I learned my lesson by always giving a short deadline for the work to be done which helped me to be as productive as I can. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it. You have covered a lot of productivity tips that can help you to be more productive.

Most of the tips covered how you can control yourself and take action. Controlling your own actions in the right direction is the key to success.

We all came to this earth empty handed and learned each and everything from scratch. Some people are successful and some are not! 


Because they are doing something right that you are not doing. So always try to fill that gap that is coming in between your success and become more productive. 

If you have more useful productivity tips then you can comment down below? 

Want more? No problem!

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