How To Make $1000 Per Hour Legally

How To Make $1000 Per Hour Legally

First, let me clear one thing to you that yes it is 100% possible to make $1000 per hour online. 

For earning that much amount of money you need to have a solid legitimate system online and a strong mindset to put in all the hard work. 

There is no easy money, people work hard to make money and you can not have any shortcut in this process. 

I have described the best ways to make $1000 per hour legally.

Let’s get started 


Freelancing refers to self-employed individuals who are their bosses.

They take work from other companies for a short or long period and charge money in exchange for the service they provide. 

The demand for freelancers is increasing day by day. 

According to the reports, from 2014 to 2019 the number of freelancers in the US grew from 52 million to 57 million which means in just five years the industry has grown by 8.8%. 

Freelancing provides a lot of flexibility in deciding when you are going to work, how much you are going to earn, the clients you want to work with etc.

46% of freelancers choose this employment option because of the flexibility.

Earning $1000 per hour depends on the amount of time and energy you are ready to put into your work.

You can either hire other freelancers to make your freelancing agency or you can increase your skills to get paid a high amount of money. 

You can see the example where there are some gigs on Fiverr where someone is charging $5 for writing 1000 words and on the other side someone else is charging $50 per 1000 words. 

The only difference between their work is the skills and value they are delivering to the end customers. 

You should polish your skills first and then it is possible to make $1000 per hour with freelancing. 

Here is the example of a top freelancer who is earning $1000 per hour

Meet James Knight, a programmer who left his job at Google to start working as a freelancer developer and now he is earning $1000 an hour. 

You can also become like James. 

Some of the high demands of freelancing work you can start are:- 

  • Programming and software development (just like meet James)
  • Social video marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Content writing
  • Graphic designing
  • Video editors 


Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. 

There are thousands of content creators who upload videos on this platform and earn money from placing Google ads on their youtube channel.

You can also become one of the creators and create a strong community. 

First, decide the topic on which you are going to make videos and then continuously upload videos on your YouTube channel. 

Because consistency is the key to success on YouTube. 

If you think that I have uploaded 20 videos on my channel and still not making money therefore I should give up and this thing is not for me. 

Then you are completely wrong. 

You can only make money when you commit yourself to putting content on your youtube channels regularly. 

To monetize your channel you should have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last year. After that, you are eligible for Google ads. 

You can make videos on the topics like gaming, fitness, blogging, prank etc. 

Here is an example of top-earning YouTube’s:-

  • Jeffree Star – $15 million
  • David Dobrik –  $15.5 million
  • Blippi – $17 million 
  • Nastya $18.5 million 

You can take some inspiration from these people because they also have 24 hours a day and you also have the same amount of time.

If they can do so well then why not you? 


Blogging refers to a website that writes content and publishes it regularly. 

You can start your blog in three simple steps:- 

  • Buy a domain name 
  • Choose a hosting provider 
  • Install WordPress

WordPress is a beginner-friendly platform and around 44% of websites are built on it. 

Examples of blogs earning 6 figures per month:- 

  • Smashing Magazine – $215000 per month
  • Gizmodo – $325000 per month 
  • TechCrunch – $2500000 per month
  • Mashable – $2000000 per month

The above website earnings show the real potential of money that can be made in blogging. 

You can do blogging as part-time and once you start making money in it then you can become a full-time blogger. 

Keep in mind blogging takes time in the beginning to show organic search traffic and once your website gets at least 1 year old then you can see a rise in the traffic of your website as well as in your earnings.

So you need to do a lot of hard work and show patience to become a successful blogger. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing refers to the process of promoting someone else’s product or service and whenever you complete the desired action such as purchase, sign up or click, you will receive a percentage of commission on that action. 

You can either become two of these:- 

Merchant:- Merchant is the person whose company’s product is going to be promoted by other people (affiliates). 

Affiliate Marketer: He/she is a person who promotes other products or services. 

Both of the sides have their sets of benefits.

You can become an affiliate marketer without owning any product or service.

It is a successful business model from which you can earn $1000 or more an hour. 

Here are some examples of successes affiliate marketing websites:- 

  • Smoked BBQ Source – $75000 per month 
  • Orderofbooks – $50000 per month
  • DollarSprout – $150000 per month 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel. 

You can send direct email messages to the people who have subscribed to your email list. 

You can send the latest updates, market your new product, invite them to webinars etc. 

A lot of communication can be done solely through email marketing. 

It is one of the most profitable business models because whenever you spend $1 on email marketing, you can expect a return of $42

It is an insane amount of return on investments. 

The key to success in email marketing is the number of subscribers you have and how efficiently you are marketing your products or services to them. 

The number of email users in 2023 is expected to grow to 4.3 billion users.

That is half of the world’s population.

You can expect to earn $24000 or even more per day with an email campaign which is $1000 an hour but to reach this level you have to build your email list from scratch and improve copywriting skills to write eye-catching emails. 

Ecommerce Store

An eCommerce store is an online store to buy and sell products or services. 

There are six types of eCommerce models:- 

  1. Business to Customers (B2C):- Transactions made between a business and a customer. 
  2. Business to Business (B2B):- Transaction made between a business to a business. 
  3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C):-  Transactions made between a customer to customer 
  4. Consumer to Business (C2B):– Transactions between customers to business for example stock photo business model. 
  5. Business to Administration (B2A):- Transactions made between online businesses and administrations. for example products and services related to legal documents. 
  6. Consumer to Administration (C2A):- Transactions made between a consumer and administration for example online consulting for education. 

The global eCommerce market is expected to be 4.89 trillion in 2021.

It is a big industry with a lot of potentials to make money online. 

Examples of successful eCommerce stores:- 

  • Babes and Felines – $700000 per year 
  • Bleacher Creatures – $1000000 per year
  • Blue Planet – $4000000 per year 
  • Beautiful Disaster – $3-5000000 per year

Sell Courses Online

Online courses refer to learning materials delivered through web browsers and mobile devices which can be accessed anytime or anywhere. 

The e-learning market is expected to grow at $325 billion by 2025

You can make a lot of money by selling online courses to a loyal customer base. 

Anyone on the web can make their online courses based on their knowledge and skills.

You just need to have the ability to speak on a specific topic. 

In addition, You will need a high-quality camera, lighting, editing software and a script. 

Once you have developed a good online course you can advertise it to targeted customers and make 5-6 figures a month. 

Examples of successful online courses from you can take some inspiration:- 

  • Low Tech Mushroom Farming 
  • Globejotting 
  • The Thrift Homesteader 
  • Swordschool 
  • Stand up NY

Final Thoughts

The business models described above are 100% legitimate to make $1000 an hour only if you are ready to work hard. 

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

If you are dreaming of making 5-6 figures of income per month then you have to do a lot of work. 

I have only discussed the path that you can choose and from now on it is your decision which way you are going to choose.

Once you have decided what you are going to do next for example if you decided to run a blog then you should learn about SEO, how to choose topics, how to write content and how to increase traffic to the website etc. 

Complete your research thoroughly and start running your next solid business online. 

And whenever you feel like giving up take some inspiration from already successful people in your field to stay motivated throughout your journey to success. 

Want more? No problem!

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