14 Best Free Domain Appraisal Services

14 Best Free Domain Appraisal Services

Do you want to determine the value of your domain? 

If yes then you have come to the right place. 

When you are involved in buying and selling domain names. You need the exact worth of the domain. 

And there are lots of free and paid tools online that can do the work for you. 

In this post I am going to reveal the best domain valuation tools that you can use right away and before that lets know the meaning of domain valuation. 

What Is Domain Valuation? 

Domain valuation is a data mining technique for predicting the value of a domain name with high accuracy.

Using a large amount of data and encrypting words.

So basically, the domain valuation tool takes out a lot of the guesswork out of determining the value of your domain.

Because focusing on the particular wording of a domain is the most efficient way to appraise it, it’s crucial to think about including key SEO terms when choosing a domain name.

14 Best Domain Appraisal Services

Domain Index 

Domain Index 

Domainindex.com is a free public service supplied to the domain and finance industries by Domainindex SARL firm.

It calculates price indices for domains in order to follow the growth of domain prices.

They offer a variety of pre-configured indices for the most essential domain categories – Global Domain Index, popular TLDs, type, industry, and so on – as well as the ability to customise your own, more specialised parameters.

Similar domains, trademark threats and similar trademarks, traffic estimations, and even acronyms are all included in the valuation.

There is a limit to how many free lookups you can obtain; you can sign up for free and get seven appraisals every day, or you can upgrade to one of the other plans, such as star.

Godaddy Domain Appraisal

Godaddy Domain Appraisal

The most popular and largest domain price checking site is GoDaddy.

The website has its own auction and marketplace. GoDaddy’s domain valuation and appraisal service delivers not just a single value, but a range of values.

It offers a domain valuation certificate that can be used to sell or purchase a domain name.

When it comes to purchasing and selling domains, GoDaddy offers the best prices.

They provide a Godaddy coupon for additional savings. You can also check any domain name you’ve registered.

It gives a comprehensive estimate of a domain that is supported by logic.

Godaddy not only provides thorough search results, but it also considers top sought phrases, if a domain is still active, and comparable domain names. 

They also contain a comprehensive list of domains that are available for purchase.

The cheapest and finest method for determining domain value is GoDaddy’s domain name appraisal.



Valuate.com is a free tool that calculates a fair appraisal value for your domain name based on metrics and sales of similar domains.

It appeals to me since it compiles all other relevant information, such as top sales reports, website address search frequency, traffic, competition, and CPC, into an easy-to-read table.

If you desire to sell, simply click the “sell it” button, and Cax.com, a domain marketplace, will send you there.

Valuate.com is a subscriber to Domaining, the industry’s most recent newsletter, which you can get for free.

In addition, trademark concerns will be investigated by Valuate.com.

For free, you can submit only five names per day: There is a free registration to become a member if you want to submit more than five.



Sedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace and monetization service, uses its Pricing Suggestion Tool, a new automated function that is the one of its kind in the industry to offer free price ideas for domain names.

The Price Suggestion Tool, which is immediately available, supports domain name sellers by suggesting an ideal fixed price based on essential domain name attributes.

According to market studies, domain name sellers can considerably boost their chances of selling their domains by employing set prices. 

Furthermore, by boosting the amount of fair, fixed-price bids at Sedo and its extended marketplace, the new tool appeals to prospective domain name buyers who are hesitant to engage in a negotiating process.



Estibot is widely regarded as the most reliable and effective domain appraisal tool. Many flippers have reported having great success with it.

For a specified domain, this program will provide you with quick reports and appraisal certificates. 

You will obtain not only a dollar amount, but also a number of additional data, numbers, and facts regarding your domain topic.

EstiBot will also show statistics such as CPC, Organic Keywords, and the previous sale price of the website. 

All of this data will aid you in determining who would be a potential customer.

This application is, in fact, completely free. However, in order to utilise the service, you must first register with your email address.

Free Valuator

Free Valuator

Free Valuator gives a free appraisal of a domain’s value based on data, web rankings, and keywords for registered users.

Users can also use crowdsourcing to get comments on the worth of a domain.

They also have a paid appraisal option where Free Valuator professionals provide a more detailed appraisal.



Epik has a free and a paid version of its service. When you sign up, you will be asked to select a package. 

Archive.org and Alexa are both integrated into Epik’s report.

This means, you can learn more about the domain’s history.

You can use this to verify the authenticity of a domain name.

Epik’s website evaluation tool includes a paid website evaluation as well as a free, registrable service. 

Epik collaborates with Archive.org and Alexa Rank to provide a comprehensive overview of a sector’s context and success, as well as a study of the website’s user experience.

The Fairness Opinion feature of Epik’s service is very important for completing a transaction between an internet owner and a potential owner, making it a perfect site for serious purchasers.

Website Outlook 

Website Outlook 

Website Outlook uses SEMRush to access data about a domain’s anatomy, which allows it to properly assess it.

You can view your SEMRush rank if you use Website Outlook to estimate the value of your domain.

It will also show you how much Google AdWords would cost to obtain the same number of visits.

Website Outlook also provides data such as daily page views, Alexa rank, and the number of active keywords on the website, among other things.



Flippa guarantees a comprehensive listing database of mobile apps, domain names, startup sites, and established websites for free.

The Flippa domain appraisal tool is ideal for anyone who is a website owner, digital investor, or anyone else. 

Flippa, as a peer-to-peer domain calculation platform, streamlines the entire process of selling and people interaction by expediting negotiation and transaction.

It provides fast and convenient escrow services, contracts of sale, and sales support staff to enjoy a stress-free transaction as an integrated platform for selling both regular and premium domains.



siteprice.org is a free website price, worth, and domain value checker, as well as a website traffic analyzer. 

They use their own proprietary algorithm to determine the value of a website.

And if you want to sell or buy a website, you’ll undoubtedly need to know how much a website is worth and how much a domain name is worth.



Domaining is a free domain appraisal tool that estimates the value of domain name based on metrics and sales of similar domains.

Despite the fact that it is a free tool, you must register in order to see your data. 

Apart from analysing domains, Domaining also provides other essential statistics in an easy-to-read table, such as top sales reports, traffic, competition, search frequency of website addresses, and CPC.

With domain results, it also checks for trademark concerns automatically. 

As a result, Domaining is a comprehensive valuation tool that provides scores of data about each domain name.

Register Compass 

Register Compass

RegisterCompass is a single application that uses filters to find available and private domains without spending money or time.

It has recently made its online domain appraisal services available to all types of domains and maintains the best filters to provide quick and accurate results.

Domain Price Check

Domain Price Check

Domain Price Check is a key domain value checker tool. 

Based on a variety of data and algorithms, the analysis tool generates a complete report. 

It not only tells you how much your domains are worth, but it also tells you about search volume, web statistics, TLD data, keyword facts, similar sales, whois check, Google trends, and many other things.

The basic edition is completely free of charge; there are no hidden costs.

Name Worth

Name Worth

Name worth is an advanced domain appraisal tool.

They are considered to be the most accurate domain valuation tool in the market.

You can even compare it with other tools in the market and will find out that it’s far better than others.

However their service is paid for professional domain investors and registrars.

Their pricing plan starts at $9.99 per month.

It’s a great website to buy and sell domains.

In order to check your domain value on their website, you need to sign up.

Then you get up-to 5 domain lookup free per day.

Final Thoughts

Domain value checking is the trickiest part. The websites above can show you the exact value of your domain using their different algorithms. In the end you can come up with the fair price for your domain or value of any other domain you want to buy. They make your life much easier and you can save a lot of money using them. 

So go ahead and try them out. 

Want more? No problem!

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