How To Earn Money From Oriflame

How To Earn Money From Oriflame

There is a lot of buzz about making money with oriflame and a lot of people are confused whether it is a legit way or just a scam. 

So today I will explain what oriflame is, how it works and is it worth your time or not.

Let’s get started

What Is Oriflame? 

How To Earn Money From Oriflame

Oriflame is a popular international beauty brand.

It was established in 1967 with a vision in mind to benefit the people by providing high quality beauty products inspired by the swedish nature. 

Currently, oriflame has over 3 million independent beauty consultants that share, promote, and sell their beauty and wellness products in more than 62 markets.

How The Earning Structure Works:- 

Oriflame offers two ways to make money:- 

Selling oriflame cosmetics

If you love marketing, you can boost your earnings by up to 20% on orders you collect from consumers.

Every month, Oriflame sends you a new catalogue including the most up-to-date beauty items – all of which are made in Sweden – making selling as simple as exhibiting the catalogue.

For example, the Consultant pricing is £19.96 with a 20% discount.

The difference between the price you pay as a Consultant and the catalogue price a consumer pays is known as a discount.

You’ll earn £4.99 in total which is the immediate discount rate.

You can make money by selling just one thing.

Every three weeks, they have around 1000 things, as you can see from the catalogue.

You will immediately make £24.95 in profit if you sell things to 5 friends at 20%.

You will earn more profit and receive additional benefits (additional benefits: Welcome Program, Bonus Gift as well as an additional discount of up to 35%.

If you sell things to six friends, you will receive a 30% discount and profit of £44.91, plus much more.

Invite team members to join

By encouraging people to join Oriflame, you can create your own team of consultants.

Through Oriflame Academy training classes, you will not only be able to increase your profits, but you will also be able to improve your beauty, business, and management skills.

Your Oriflame beauty consultant will walk you through the process of forming your own team.

By sharing your beauty knowledge with your team, you will be assisting them in realising their goals while you reach yours.

For example, Start by bringing 5 friends and ask them to bring 5 friends too.

Number of people and income you 5 + 25 = 31 

If everyone of those consultants place an order of $70 you will earn about $100 per catalogue. 

Why Should You Become An Oriflame Member? 

Anyone can join oriflame membership and you can  start earning money in your spare time.

Joining an oriflame membership might be enjoyable because you decide how much and when you will work.

You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people, engage in fun events and activities.

Create your business

You can start your own business that will allow you to travel around the world every year.

As part of the welcome program, you not only make an endless revenue, but you also gain business points.

Every month, there are business class offers for all new consultants who join oriflame. 

Large profit margins 

There is no cost associated with joining oriflame.

You can join for free and start earning money right away. 

There is no requirement for prior experience. 

You do not need any prior experience to join oriflame.

When you become a member, you will be rewarded for sharing the oriflame opportunities with others.

You can then begin recruiting new members for your team.

It’s that simple!

In just a few days, you can recoup your investment. 

You get training from company 

You will be trained on how to flourish and expand your business after joining the oriflame membership program.

You’ll also get the chance to broaden your network by meeting other oriflame consultants and hearing about their experiences at various events across the country.

You can also become a manager or director with oriflame. 

Begin part-time and work your way up to full-time. 

You do not have to devote all of your time to becoming an oriflame member.

You are free to work whenever and wherever you wish.

This is something you can do with your spare time.

You can turn it into a full-time business once you start reaping the advantages. 

In charge of your own destiny. 

You are your own boss since you work when it is convenient for you.

Oriflame will train you, and you’ll be able to grow your career as a manager by recruiting others to join the company.

With Oriflame, you can tour the world.

Strategies To Promote Oriflame

Of course, the Oriflame Catalogues are a fantastic way to offer products to your consumers and generate a lot of income for you.

But they aren’t the only option.

There are a variety of additional solutions that can help you obtain those sales.

Remember, you started this to make money, and in order to do so, you’ll need to put in as much work as possible to meet your goal.

The more you accomplish, the higher your monthly bank balance will be. 

YouTube Channel 

Showcase your products to potential customers.

Along with your catalogues, use this strategy.

For example you can start your own youtube channel where you review the products quality and experience.

You can simply make a video of the product showing how it works and upload it to your youtube channel and then give them a link in description which directs them to purchase your product. 

Provide Samples

Place the small sample packets or scent vials with a customer’s order or in the catalogues you hand out.

Make a note of the samples you’ve given out and to whom, so you’ll know “exactly” what product you’re dealing with when you see it written down on a customer’s next order form.

You’ll be amazed at how effective this is.

Give Bonuses 

People enjoy bonuses, so it is a terrific way to get those extra sales, especially with a super affordable Oriflame product.

You should give bonuses from time to time to increase your sales.

Also your customers will come back to you again and again. 

Leverage Social Media

You can promote oriflame products through social media handles and instagram is one of my favourites.

So you can also use it.

Oriflame also provides many useful tools for you to use, such as accessing an online catalogue and sending the link to everyone in your address book or contact list to spread the word.

They also provide you with access to a Personal Homepage, which you can use to host your Oriflame business and share with others on the internet. 

Spread The Word 

Oriflame is a well-known brand, so tell everyone you meet about it.

People frequently forget to talk about what they do or are uncomfortable talking about themselves, but it is necessary.

People are drawn to you if you are enthusiastic about Oriflame and your role as an Oriflame Consultant.

You will always come across someone who has been looking for an Oriflame Consultant for a long time, or who used to have one but has lost contact with them, or who no longer sells Oriflame.

It’s amazing how many people will be overjoyed to have discovered you. 

Is It Worth Your Time? 

So the idea here is that you can either earn money by getting a discount and selling it on the catalogue price.

Another way is to grow your team bigger and earn more profits. 

If you are interested in this niche and have dedication towards your work then yes you can earn a lot of money with Oriflame.

Your success depends on yourself.

If you are putting hard work and doing it in the right way then you can absolutely achieve success with it.

There are lots of bonuses attached like getting training, developing your skills, opportunity to travel the world and so on. 

Oriflame do have a lot of competition but competition is only where there is profit.

So if you do have time and interest in such a type of opportunity then you can benefit from it. 

Is Oriflame A Scam? 

No, oriflame is a 100% legit company. It has survived more than 50 years and still it is rising. If it was a scam then it may not have survived for so long. There are more than 3 million consultants who are promoting their products. 

Can I Really Make Money With Oriflame? 

It totally depends on you. You can either succeed or fail with it. If you are not taking proper training, not trying to sell or not doing things the right way then how can you expect to earn. It’s the same as any other business in that you should invest time and effort. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme by any means. It’s all about putting in the hard work.

Final Thoughts

Overall oriflame is a legit beauty brand with a wide variety of products and yes you can actually make money with oriflame.

You can use it as part time work when you have  free time to create some passive income for yourself.

And once you start getting really good profits from it then you can think about making it your full time business.

Want more? No problem!

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